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nVidia FPS Fix 0.3 – Released

nVidia FPS Fix 0.3 – Released

From Wombat778 comes an interesting fix for all owner of nVidia graphic cards, especially in the 8800 model range. His nVidia FPS Fix solves an issue with the way that these cards allocate memory for vertex buffers.

If you´re using a nVidia card, this fix should give you a considerable performance boost, simply copy the d3d9.dll in your rFactor root folder – No other changes required.

Just like the HDR plugin, this fix should work with any gMotor2 based simulation such as GTR2, GTR Evolution or even Turismo Carretera. If it works for you in any sim, please leave a comment and let others know 🙂

Important: This fix may cause lock-ups on some systems so make sure to backup the original dll file. It won’t work along with the TV Style plugin for rFactor.

Download nVidia FPS Fix 0.3 Here

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