Nürburgring Nordschleife for rFactor 2 0.8 – Released

The never-ending story of the Nürburgring Nordschleife in rFactor 2 continues as pleclair has released a first version of the track for ISI’s simulation.

Like the version shown off yesterday, this one seems to be a conversion of the Nürburgring Nordschleife made by Com8 for rFactor.

Development of the track is still on-going as the track is still lacking several features, the current version is already well usable for a first test run though as you can see below!



  • RaceManIak

    In your face Simbin !

    • Jay Ekkel

      How can it be in SImBin’s face when we proposed that converting COM8’s version of the NS is the way to go if you really want it in rF2.

      I know one thing for sure this version, free from all copyright issues , will find a place in my install of rF2.

      • CatoLarsen

        Cause it just is man, you know that……. Just kidding. Some just need to point out something even though it makes no sense. Anyways. Should be a good asset this, as long as the conversion is done right. Looks good so far….:)

      • Marc Collins

        And having an even better, more polished version with SimBin’s name splashed all over it (like the Blackwood track from LFS) would have been great PR and advertsing for you. Instead, it will take a few months, but this version will get up to the level of polish of your version and you will get no credit or advertising AND the negative feedback engendered by your recent decision.
        Licensing may not have alowed you to do what LFS did (with their self-created track), so too bad for you. If it was possible, you made a poor business decision and one that you should already be regretting.

      • gt3rsr

        That’s BS.

      • Jay Ekkel

        We differ from opinion, I respect that.

        I highly prefer someone to take credit for his/her kick-ass scratch build version of the Nordschleife then seeing our content in a competitors game.

        The big flaw is that you over estimate the value of good PR by allowing people to drive our content in someone else game. If you consider the content is that good, then play it in the game it was intended for.

      • Marc Collins

        I will as soon as your title addresses a few fundamental sim vs arcade game issues (and ability to tweak important settings). I own everything SimBin has ever produced, but yes, I am one of those people who prefer the older, more hardcore titles.
        Also, for some strange reason, the latest RRE update suddenly won’t load on my rig. Other titles are unaffected. Hopefully the next update will resolve.
        We’ll see whether the positive or negative PR wins in the end. But it appears that a major overhaul is in the works for this version of the track, so I am confident that one day we will have an excellent rendition of it. Then it will come back to which base product/sim is the preferred one to run it in…

      • Clutch Norris

        this version will get up to the level of polish of your version? You’re funny HAHA i loled. It’s been around for years in rf1 and has never met your expectations…

  • CatoLarsen

    *stupid me*

  • Anonymous

    So this has Com8’s permission?

    • hoover67

      As far as I’m aware permission is granted as long as the original credits are included in the conversion.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t help but feel that SimBin only lost customers with their little outburst. It took a week for someone to fill the gap and in the meantime they just look a bit petty if not a bit jealous. Between this and the various details in their recent interview (the one about removing brake distance markers) I have no desire to get into RRRE where previously I did.

    • Jay Ekkel

      Afaik it is pretty legitimate to ask people to stop copying our work to other games. Just as legitimate as people now ask if this conversion is done with permission.

      Not sure what was wrong with the video, (option to enable/disable brakemarkers will be done when time allows for it, but please elaborate!

      • MirceaRad

        I’m sorry but I find your answer “when time allows for it” pretty useless. I mean, you are advertising your game as a SIM and then you spend time and resources on a useless “feature” like brake markers. I can’t believe nobody thought: “Hey, wtf are we doing with this feature, shouldn’t we make it optional?” It’s like having an auto-brake feature and saying we’ll make it optional when we have time… But our game is a sim… “Get real”… I’m not into game developing, but how hard can it be to make it optional? I don’t know about you, but I simply can’t drive having those huge “traffic lights” by the side of the road.

        This is the risk of having an open beta, but you should have thought about which market do you want to attract first with this beta and advertise heavily to that market, instead of promoting realism and simulation. Just say we’re making it a realistic simulator by the time we ship the final product and that is enough for me, I’ll be back when it’s done. And I would stop releasing videos saying Nordschleife is too long and night driving is difficult because you might damage your lights…

      • somebody somebody

        World doesn’t revolve around you buddy.

      • Anonymous

        Sim racing developers revolve around sim racing players, though, buddy. Well, unless they’re trying to attract the more lucrative casual gamers.

        I’m not saying that the brake markers are the end of the world – they’re not. But it’s 100% accurate and confirmed to say that they did this to appease casual racing game players first and they’re trying to appease the sim racing game players second, if/when time allows for it.

        This is very telling and I’m not the only person to take note, obviously. We’re still being hit up by devs like Codemasters in this manner and many of us have purchased games with a promise and left $50-60 down because it didn’t deliver.

      • Jay Ekkel

        I myself don’t see the brake markers anymore, I zone them out.

        The Get Real mode is still a Get Real mode (still work in progress as well) and the only thing in that whole mode that seemed to be a miss are the brake markers.

        yes, the brake markers were placed for the people who were new to the (racing) genre, but the rest of the Get Real game mode is aimed at the serious racers. I don’t think they they are neglected at all!

      • MirceaRad

        In Beta stage a software should have all features in it and beta test should be about testing, polishing and fixing inherent bugs. That’s why pCARS is still alpha 😛 So R3E is in alpha stage, because features are still coming, and not just content.

        And yes I am nitpicking on words because so far we are only talking of missing features and you are concentrating on making the game appealing for the masses. Which is good from a $ perspective and I understand this because it’s still a business in the end. What I hate is advertising your product for both markets and concentrating your efforts on one, at least for now. I am part of a niche market and the world doesn’t revolve around me, but still. Btw, I wonder why in 2013 this is still done on GTR2 http://www.gtr24h.dk/ This says a lot about simracing evolution. So I’ll be back when we have at least AI racing or MP and brake markers are gone 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Respectfully, what you think isn’t anywhere near as important as what the customer thinks about your product. Toyota may think their Avalon is every bit as good as the BMW M3 but if the customers don’t that’s what matters.

        I am no where near as concerned with only playing a “true sim” (as some call it) as others are. I’m concerned about immersion and believability and there are several choices in the game that takes me out of the immersion with pretty much each corner.

      • somebody somebody

        I think that you are taking yourself way too seriously..

      • Jay Ekkel

        The simplest things sometimes are harder then you may think, I wont go into detail, but it does require a fair bit of thought and logistics to implement this specific feature.

        The nature of an open beta is to collect data, receive feedback. And as far as I can see that is what happening with the R3E beta.

        A good example is the infamous brake markers. We hoped they would be accepted by the fast majority of sim racers. We were proven wrong and we will make appropriate changes.

        We never said nordschleife is too long, we just said it is long and it takes a while to develop.

        But you are nitpicking on words, Diego stated that the engine is capable of doing night racing…but with the resources we have we don’t want to spend time on looking at night racing right now. It will be looked at a later stage, doesn’t take away from the fact that racing in the night without headlights is hard!

      • Anonymous

        “I simply can’t drive having those huge “traffic lights” by the side of the road.”

        If you have a drivers license it should be withdrawn immediately, what a statement, unbelievable.

        Just like Jay said, I don’t even notice them anymore. It would be a tad more realistic to have the rl distance markers but effectively it doesn’t make a difference.

      • MirceaRad

        “If you have a drivers license it should be withdrawn immediately, what a statement, unbelievable.”

        Do you know the difference between “traffic lights” and traffic lights? I know it’s subtle, but give it a go.

      • Anonymous

        “Do you know the difference between “traffic lights” and traffic lights? I know it’s subtle, but give it a go.”

        Acting like a shmock doesn’t make ones statements subtle.
        But please, do elaborate and embiggen my mind if you will.

    • gt3rsr

      So everything is free now? I can take anything I want and not pay for it? Communism finally won?

      • Anonymous

        That’s why legit modding has always required you have purchased the original game before using ported content. Quit being obtuse.

      • gt3rsr

        That would be nice if the Simbin’s CD/DVD check couldn’t be easily bypassed. Me myself tried it when I couldn’t find my GTL CD (and it works)…

      • Anonymous

        It’s not the fault of the legit modders that you decided to bypass the CD/DVD check. Many people feel that once you have purchased a product like a game, movie or album that you should be allowed to do anything you want with it as long as you’re not making money on it or giving it (or pieces of it) away for free to people who haven’t also purchased it. This is the basis for all game modding from RPGs, FPS, MMOs, racing games, etc.

      • bduddy

        But you are giving the tracks away for free. How is this hard to understand?

      • Anonymous

        You had to have bought the product the track came from. You already paid for the track as part of the previous game. I’ve downloaded albums that I previously owned on CD because I lost the CD. I paid my money for the content so to get it back in another format is fine with me.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        So if downloading a cd you supposedly already bought is okay then just go to the store and tell them you lost your cd and see if they give you another one for free.

      • Anonymous

        That’s different as you are acquiring something physical that had to be produced at cost. An MP3 redistributed a billion times doesn’t cost anything. I had no problem downloading albums that I had ALREADY PAID FOR.

        The biggest logical fallacy that people enter into is comparing stealing of purely digital content to stealing physical items. There are arguments to be made around copyright infringement but it’s actually not stealing as defined by the law. The people doing this widespread hit up by the RIAA are hit for copyright infringement, not shoplifting.

      • Anonymous

        Hmm so your guilty of taking something for free? Why not buy another copy of GTL? I don’t believe that one for a second(could not find my copy)since all my boxed titles are proudly in order on a display shelf

      • Pvt Stash

        lolz, that really made me laugh. Those capitalist dogs will pay now eh comrade… 😛

    • speed1

      They don’t loose anything important just earned some dissapointment from a handfull people. The mass isn’t really intrested in thise details and how it is handled, just on the final product. On the end even the dissapointed people will come back or drive it if it convience or just because of a professionell dev NS to drive. I’m not sure if i will use R3E in the future but the game style i like, it has a great potential. I would just do some things different.

      • Anonymous

        Well when R3E becomes a final product I may give it another try.
        ATM I am not big on the open beta for purchase concept. SRW cured me of that. So in the future I may just wait for official releases

      • speed1

        Everybody intrested will do that believe me even the dissapointed ones, at last just to check it. ATM it is more a fun game with potential for me but nothing to keep me playing it every day. We will see, i just see nothing wrong with the statement of SimBin, even if it is sad not to have such a QA NS in rF2.

        Respect to the Guy who is working on this conversion.

      • http://virtualr.net/ F1Racer

        “They don’t lose anything important, just earned some disapointment from a handful of people.” (quoted with corrections).

        Well, that’s their problem isn’t it ? If those disappointed people built the track personally, and someone used it without permission, I doubt very much they would stay quiet.

      • speed1

        Exactly that would happen.

    • Realkman666

      I respect more than ever for doing what they did.

    • David Wright

      “I can’t help but feel that SimBin only lost customers with their little outburst.”

      So which developers actually support conversion of their content to rival platforms? Have ISI given permission for rF2 tracks to be converted to rival platforms? Have iRacing? Do you really think Kunos will be happy for their laser scanned AC tracks be converted to rival platforms?. I’m sure iRacing are really worried about all the customers they are losing because we can’t drive converted iRacing tracks in rF2.

      • Anonymous

        You had to have bought the product the track came from. They wouldn’t have lost money from it. It wasn’t stealing.

  • TouringProSeries.com

    So people apparently think we can just take whatever stuff we want nowadays? Get over SimBin’s stance, it’s perfectly legitimate and perfectly fair and understandable.

    It’s absolutely ludicrous to think that you can get things, which cost time, money and a shed load of skill to create, for free. Try stealing food from a supermarket and see how far you get. Or on the same subject, nobody criticises iRacing for protecting their content.

    Give yourselves a shake.

    On the subject of the track, it certainly looks like it needs some work but that’s understandable with such a huge project, so looks promising.

    • Realkman666

      Using without authorization is not like stealing because you’re not depriving the owner of what he owns.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        So you can steal any car you want if the owner isn’t using it? Tell that to the judge.

      • Realkman666

        Stealing a car is indeed depriving the owner of that he owns.

      • TouringProSeries.com

        It’s not about stealing – it’s about authorisation of whether you can do something. Fairly, you are not authorised to have somebody else’s work for free if they decree, hence it is wrong. Simples.

      • Realkman666

        You came up with the stealing argument. Deal with it.

      • Anonymous

        Copying is not the same as stealing. I’m NOT defending unauthorized copying or piracy, I’m just saying these things are NOT equal to stealing.

        It’s about time people realize that; just because you pirate a music CD that costs 10$ does not mean you stole $10 from anybody because if you didn’t download it, you MAY or may not have bought it.

        Next time you read a report from some (absurdly rich) recording company crying that piracy caused them damage of xxx billions, think about that they’re simply lying. They may not ever have those billions because people may not buy it if they couldnt download it.

        If you steal anybodys car, well you stole it, there is no copy of it.

      • Realkman666

        Thank you for taking the time.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        My view is, if you copy something tens of millions of times so that it is available to anybody who wants it, does the original copy still matter? Let’s say you’re the only one who buys a cd, rip it (lossless, so no quality difference), and put it on tpb. And then millions, including the people who would otherwise have bought the cd download it. That makes whatever you payed for the cd irrelevant. It’s 0.00000001% of the total so to say.
        Thankfully this is not the way the world works. And I agree that the recording companies need to grow a pair and start changing the industry themselves, or we as consumers will do it for them. But that was not the point I was trying to make.

      • Anonymous

        Not sure what your point was then, I understand the wish of Simbin or any else to disallow conversions of their work, it’s their evident right to decide how their work can be used. But comparing an unauthorized conversion of some track to stealing in a supermarket nor stealing a car is a bit overkill.

        The potential loss of Simbins money caused by conversion of their track is small, especially nowadays that most customers either already bought their title or didn’t – if they didn’t already they hardly ever will because they’re old titles (save R3E).

        But even if there was exactly zero money lost, they still have right to disallow conversion because they own the content and that’s all that matters.

        Also Marco, about the piracy, how come there are many musicians that make millions each month if only 0.00000001% customers paid? Clearly, if people like something, a lot of them will eventually buy it. Many people will first download something for free and if they like it, they pay for it afterwards. It’s impossible to say how much more they’d all make if piracy didn’t exist, maybe 2 times more, maybe 5 times more, but I doubt it would be magnitudes more, which is what mass media and recording companies try to convince us.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        My post was a reaction to “copying is not the same as stealing”. The 0.00000001% is the hypothetical situation I described, which shows my reasoning for saying it as much as makes no difference wether something is copied a million times or stolen once.

      • Realkman666

        The race track is still in Simbin’s game. The car is not in the garage anymore.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        You’re missing my point, it doesn’t matter if the car is not there anymore if there are as many copies as you can handle. The one car not there anymore is meaningless at this point.

      • Realkman666

        There are not many copies. There is one car. It’s in your garage or taken by the thief. The race track is duplicated, so it’s still there. I wonder now if you’re a doubletalker or just thick.

      • Anonymous

        That was never the case with the SimBin ripped track. The CD/DVD key check means that you would have already paid for the track in another game. In your analogy, it’d be like me download a CD from TPB after I already owned it. This is something I’ve actually done and I don’t feel bad about it. CDs degrade and I already gave the record company/artist my money for the track.

    • Beanspeak

      Bahah, if anyone needs to get real here, it’s you. Rfactor 2 goes for up to 90 bucks. For that price, Nordschelife ought to be on there along with a free happy-ending from Sabine Schmidt. Screw SimBin – it’s not like they invented the track in the first place. I personally don’t care about intellectual property rights, or licenses – I just want to play the damn game, so these muppets can either sign whatever deal it takes to get me my content – or they can go to Hell.

  • Ross Siggers

    I was a tad disappointed because I read the title as Nordschleife rFactor 2.08 and thought the first game had gotten something shiny and new :p

  • Manuel Riger

    Really nice work only the forcefeedback has some bugs. The BES GT 2 cars has the biggest prob with the ffb very hard and buggy. Best car is atm the renault megane but even with this car sometimes the ffb goes very hard. If this probleme can be fixed i love the feeling with rfactor 2 on the nünburgring :>

  • Matt Orr

    Couple thoughts…

    What ever happened to Raceking’s Nords? Would have thought that would be a better canidate for conversion than the rF creation.

    Also, where does this version truly originate from? By now both in rF2 and rF1 it’s had a ton of work done, but I’m pretty sure it was originally a conversion itself.

    • Mojo66

      I have converted Raceking’s Nordschleife to GTR Evo back in the day. It has lots of problems, the two biggest being a) it is wildly inaccurate, b) the GP part of the track is a total mess.

    • http://zerez86.blogspot.com/ zerez86


  • Mojo66

    Just a reminder to everyone thinking that someone (pleclair) is “stealing” something from seomeone else (com8): this version of the Nordschleife has it’s roots in the game Grand Prix Legends, released in 1998! Since then, only god knows who sticked his fingers into this conversion, com8 might be the last one who did and apparently he put a lot of effort in it, but AFAIK what we currently have is the result of at least a dozen people, maybe more, working on it in the past, myself included. So how you gonna decide who to ask for permission? IMHO, the whole thing should be declared “open source” so the copyright forum police can finally shut the f•ck up…

  • IAg Gai

    I wish people would stop using these crazy download locations that require you to jump though hoops. Anyone have a direct link?

  • http://derekspearedesigns.com/ Derek Speare

    Here’s a mirror to the file from our site:


    Adware free! 1+ mb d/l speed 😀

    • Bgis

      Nice Derek , no hoops 🙂

  • Opse

    I don’t want troll, but damn rF2 is really slow to release something interesting..

  • Anonymous

    good link for rf2 content = http://www.rsrf.de/

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