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Nürburgring Nordschleife for rF2 – New Previews

Pleclair has released new previews of his improvement work on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Pleclair has released new previews of his improvement work on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Based on the rFactor version of the Green Hell made by Com8, Pleclair is equipping the track with new features such as textures and other details to bring it to rFactor 2 standard.

Below are some new previews, showing the recent progress made. The improvements will be available in the new version of the track, until then you can check out the current version here .

  • Benjamin Dolard

    Ouch. The last batch os screenshots was nice, but this is awful :X

    • Anonymous

      Sadly I have to agree with you. I saw these in the main thread and decided not to comment, but the bump mapping is excessive to say the least, and the textures are getting blurry and too scaled with every new set of screenshots. Hate to say it, but it’s what people do when they have little experience with graphics work – find a new technique and go absolutely nuts with it. I hope he takes this as positive feedback and reverts some of these changes because I like the work he is doing on this iconic track and it’s a massive undertaking which I’m sure we all appreciate.

      • Anonymous

        It’s because of the low sun that the bumpmapping looks more prominent, when the sun is higher the effect is much less.

      • dasda

        Please write your feedback in the forum thread. He is very open to helpful comments

      • Vali

        I think the guy is doing a really great job.

        Instead of whinning all the time in forums or blogs he decided to do id himself. If you read the thread you will se he is actually learning to do everything from zero just to get the track done.

        I will repeat this again: he had the same (or less) knowledge of how to do it than the complainers, and now he has a decent conversion and did not stop with a “cheap work”. He is trying to do it better and better, and he explain how he is doing it and the mistakes he makes in the way…

        He even had a PC that barely did the job in the start. Kudos to him and all my respect…

        Now continue whinning… is the only thing most people try to put effort in.

      • Benjamin Dolard

        Because the guy puts a lot of efforts on the track, doesn’t make it a good one.
        What we are saying is that the screenshots that we saw earlier were a lot cleaner, and realistic. On this last batch, textures are awful, and you just can’t deny it.
        I’m sure this Nords will be great at the end, but what we just saw is a step backward.

      • Walter

        Maybe AC add on tracks will be NKP conversions and look just as “grim” as some of the rF2 add on tracks do.
        Just thinking aloud 🙂

    • Marc Collins

      The amount of progress on this track is astonishing–especially given the time frame and that it’s one person. There is lots left to do, and much of it is texture-related, but don’t get your knickers in a knot just yet. plelcair is not going to stop until all the basic elements of the track are top notch. Many others have volunteered to help as the project progresses.

  • Sam Smith

    As always unless you can post something better for free best keep quiet.
    “Quite awful”
    Maybe try this instead
    “Cant wait to see how this looks when its completed”

  • Anonymous

    Rob, you’ve put this post in the wrong section, shouldnt it be in the rFactor1 section ?, Grab_545 nice wet puddle effect.

  • Pablo Coronel

    Why insists to take shots at the afternoon, it looks far better at 1/2 pm

  • Anonymous

    Can everybody please sugar coat their comments … dont want to upset all the squidgy ones ! Thanks.
    The screen shots look really great ……………..
    rFactor 2 is really…………………………………………The biggest let down in simracing history.
    I live in hope for rFactor 2!

    • Kendra Jacobs

      It drives amazing, just introduced chassis and component flex, will have a new driveline physics model coming soon, is constantly getting updated, and it looks stunning maxed out on 3 screens in 3d, most immersive feeling ive felt in a sim and oh did i say it drives amazing and its potential is insane. But i guess its a let down because its pixels dont look as nice as some other games out there lol noob

      • Pablo Coronel

        Pretty right, i must say: Real Road.