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Nordschleife Preview Compilation

Nordschleife Preview Compilation

Mark vdM of has gotten his hands on a copy of Simbin’s upcoming GTR Evolution title and compiled the following video.

We get to ride in several cars on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, including GT, WTCC Extreme and street cars. An earlier version of the video can be found as Youtube-version below. If you really want to check out all the details, go grab the high resolution download of the final video.

[youtube 6N-dsSSSugY nolink]

Download Nordschleife Preview Compilation Video Here

  • Anonymous

    Amazing, but i can’t see the LCD Display in car?

  • Beats

    It’s taken from a replay, so like in GTR2 there’s no working LCD displays – and the steering input is a little off.

    Game and track looks good though, and some of the interiors look fantastic.

  • stabiz

    Not blown away by some of the sounds, but this is going to be great fun.

  • scca1981

    I disagree.. I think the sounds are a huge step ahead of GTR2. Much much more detailed.

  • Anonymous

    The tire scrub sounds… uhhh … yeah… 😐

  • Mark

    Motec display, as mentioned earlier, is missing in replays and tire scrub sounds are adjustable in game (not in replays), like they are in RACE07 (0% up/to 100%).

    And I definitely do like the sounds a lot. 😎 When you get the game, turn up your speakers and just drive some laps in the Saleen SR7 😉

  • stabiz

    Yeah, the Saleen sounds good, but I refuse to believe the Koenigsegg sounds that muffled in the cockpit.

  • ZaCh-Vo

    When is release date ?

  • Werner

    Is that nordschleife also based on CAD data? i do not know entirely what it means, but it has something to do with accuracy of corners and elevations/bumps right?

  • b00nl€$$


    Release is soon 14.08.2008 😎

  • ZaCh-Vo

    Thank you. So, only 9 days left … Nice!

  • stabiz

    I hope so, but I doubt it.

  • Mark

    @Stabiz, agree with the sound of the production cars, but I always just put my speakers little louder when driving them to overcome that 😈

  • gtrNL

    about the release date; You should check with your local distributer (Atari for Europe) and then check for each country…

    Germany is getting it the 14th if I remember correct…