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Nordschleife for rFactor 2 – New Previews

The German Modding Team has released new previews of their Nürburgring Nordschleife track project for rFactor 2.

The German Modding Team has released new previews of their Nürburgring Nordschleife track project for rFactor 2.

Following the first preview released a few days ago, these previews give us a closer work at the track which is still very much in the on-going stages of conversion.

Since the track is based on the GTR Evolution version of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, a final release will be equipped with a DVD check to make sure only rightfully owners of GTR Evolution will get to enjoy the track.

  • Chris Wright
    • Anonymous

      Looks like GMT is taking over where Com8 left, as the vid says, most impressive 🙂

  • Jos

    nice, the gpl version is just too ugly 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Looking awesome, nords would make me load rf2 again after momnths..

  • Jordan Meagher

    Hail to the king baby!

  • Jason Madigan

    This looks absolutely awesome, really enjoy doing laps on this track in GTRE and I am almost certain I will enjoy it just as much in rF2 🙂

  • Frank Herzmann Hochzeitsfotogr

    Im still hoping for Nordschleife on PC looking as good as in Gran Tourismo, but i know thats not easy to achiev. But this Version also looks nice, and like a lot of fun. Thanks for the hard work and keep pushing 😉

  • F1Racer

    A little story (those with ADD, do not read) 🙂

    Unfortunately for me, I never got into this track. I think because I always thought I would never be able to learn it and therefore push a car around it.
    But this weekend just gone, that all changed. I decided I was doing to give it an honest go.
    I grabbed an old Mini Cooper from the brilliant Power&Glory 3 mod for GTR2 and decided to put in a lap or 2. I’ve lapped here before but I could not do a lap without whacking into a barrier at some point.

    I chose the Mini because it wasn’t super quick and would give me time to take note of the track and not have to constantly focus on keeping within the kerbs.

    After a couple of laps, I switched onto the ’62 Corvette Stingray, a bit more power this time.

    A few laps in I did something like 9mins flat, if memory serves. I was going off in a good few places and sometimes it was always the same damn corner! I had to remember it for next time. Trouble is, next time is 9 minutes away and there was tonnes of other corners before I got back to it.

    After a 3-4 more laps, suddenly, I found myself remember not corners, but sections of track. I knew that this turn lead onto that corner, then after that it was a tighter corner.

    Next lap I was able to remember the bits after those sections because I didn’t need to remember those particular sections any more. Then each lap I was remembering more sections and my mind was slowly dividing the lap up into sections all of which I was starting to remember. After 7-8 laps more I finally did a decently quick lap without hitting anything, going off track (much) or crashing out.

    Then I briefly moved on to the Toyota Celica Turbo from the DRM Revival mod 2.0b.
    Yeah I know… suicide at this point. But after a few laps of focus, toil and sweat I managed some fairly decent but not incident free laps.
    I was feeling very satisfied with myself. Still needed to remember to brake harder in a couple of turns but other than that I was going ok.
    Right, time to move on..
    GTR2 – Ferrari 458 GTE… Lets see…. more speed, more grip…. have to remember these corners quicker now…

    I was on it, straight away, no more ‘me vs the barriers’, it was me vs laptime.. did a relatively calm 8m lap in the 458 then did a 2nd lap straight away pushing it to as much as I could at this point. Crossed the line with a 7m27s lap which for me was sooo satisfying.
    Now I was getting too complacent… after about another 5 laps, hands, wrists and shoulders now aching, I moved to a slightly quicker car… the Pagani Zonda R. Brutal and violent, but hey I know the track now and it’s only 20km 🙂

    No chance. 1 minute in and I`d visited the barriers twice and spun it twice. Just the want to get power down as soon as possible was my enemy here. I was not ready for this…. yet.

    rFactor 1 – 2012 FIA GT1 BMW Z4… clean lap but was 30s slower than the 458 GTE which surprised me.

    Anyway now that I think I am ok with the Nordschleife, finally, I can now see what all the fuss was about and why it is lauded so much in the sim-racing world. I feel like I have been missing out all this time by not taking the time to learn it or convince myself that I ever could.

    This is one of my early laps in a Toyota Celica Turbo from the amazing DRM Revival mod 2.0b, while I was still learning the track so it’s not spot on by any means. I will post my ’62 Corvette, Ferrari 458 and BMW Z4 GT1 laps up also. Probably boring to watch for anyone else but to me it is a milestone in my sim-racing career and a sense of achievement.

    Erm… so yeah… Nords for rf2…. I cannot wait !!!!!

    • blockhead

      It helps to use a cad based version as well as the line feels much smoother and realistic than in the gpl conversions.

      favorite cars to use are any of the F1 cars. I get into the 5:40’s
      regularly with various modern F1 cars in rfactor and my personal GTR Evo
      conversion. The track is very fast which I think is why it’s so
      addictive (and dangerous).

      Congratulations on finally
      starting to learn it, however, be warned you may end up having to force
      yourself off the computer in the wee hours after telling yourself many
      times “Just ONE more lap.”

      I really wish, in the
      future, for a much more optimized version of a cad or laser scanned
      version that supports many more cars than the current GTR Evo version.
      (AC, GTR 3???) The GTR Evo version is basically unfinished and as you
      know, long distance tracks are not well supported in rfactor. I have
      been slowly modding my own version of the track for almost 2 years and
      there is a long way to go still. One thing I discovered is there IS a
      fix for the flickering as tested in rfactor. In the .SCN and .CAM files you have to set the
      clip planes to (0.5, 10000000.0) and also you need to change your
      vehicle cam files to either (0.1, 500.0) which is useful for cockpit
      view or (0.3, 500.0) for other views. This works perfectly on my GTX
      275… no flickering (shadows, headlights or other crazy over-fickering)
      and silky smooth frame rates.

      Have fun.

  • Jake91

    thumbs down for DVD check…….