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Nordschleife for rFactor 2 – First Preview

The German Modding Team has released a first preview of their Nürburgring Nordschleife project for rFactor 2.

The German Modding Team has released a first preview of their Nürburgring Nordschleife project for rFactor 2.

The team had been working on an improved version of the iconic green hell for GTR2 for quite a while.

Now, the attention seems to have shifted towards rFactor 2 as a first preview of the track in ISI’s simulation has been released below. The preview shot shows a rough first test of the track in its new environment with placeholder textures & materials.

Since the track is based on the GTR Evolution version of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, a final release will be equipped with a DVD check to make sure only rightfully owners of GTR Evolution will get to enjoy the track.

  • Anonymous

    Lets go!

  • Gabriele Bonora

    Gut, but don’t forget who doesn’t have a disk (Steam version). 🙂

    • Aleksi Elomaa

      Yeah, I hope they make it steam version compatible.

    • Chris Wright

      Actually I think that should be easy to solve. You can save the game to a DVD using the Steam back-up system.

  • Anonymous

    People with the steam version how will check their copy?

    • Chris Wright

      See my earlier comments about DVD back up using Steam, although GMT needs to confirm if this will work.

  • Chris Wright

    Yes, if the devs are reading this, please remember that many of us own the Steam version of GTR Evolution and therefore have no access to a CD. Other than that this is absolutely the best news item of the year so far.

    • PetrolheadDen

      That’s good to know Chris as my first thought was wondering about that. Thank you for that. As for the track, great news! It may motivate me to fire up rfactor2 as I keep updating it but never find time to actually use it.

    • pez2k .

      Not to burst your bubble, but Steam’s backup discs aren’t the same as the original game disc, they’re just the game files in an encrypted bundle which require Steam to unpack again.
      Saying that though, doing a check for the Steam version is far from impossible, I’m pretty sure there are already mods that do it.

  • Anonymous
  • Ben Lee

    Will there be a GTR Evo verision?

    • Skarakoska

      “Since the track is based on the GTR Evolution version of the Nürburgring Nordschleife” NO!

    • Richard Hessels

      Many of the new rF2 shaders won’t work in the old gMotor.
      So than the guys have to do the track twice, bit to much work i guess.

  • gt3rsr

    You know that this protection can be easily bypassed, right? rF1 has been parasitizing on Simbin’s content basically for all of its existence, on cars and especially on tracks from GTR2, GT Legends, Race 07 and GTR Evo. And it seems this trend will go on with rF2 too…

    • Adam Špaček

      There will be always more or less difficult way to bypass any checks. But that doesnt mean honest owners of GTR Evo shouldnt be able to enjoy this track in rF2. Basing tracks on well made ones from another sims/games is only enhancing us as end-users.(of course if modders have according rights, game-checks etc.) And it could also motivate “new” simmers to buy GTR Evo (which would be soon, with all respect to its quality, outdated by current sims and thus unsellabale).

  • Alexander Riman

    more previews (other pics are here and at isi forums)

  • Anonymous

    From an iRacing “fanboy” who I am, I would buy rF2 just only for this track + live track and dynamic weather.

    Very very nice work! 😉

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think this is laser scanned. I don’t think anyone has laser scanned the Nordschleife, honestly.

      • Richard Hessels

        There is laserscanned data available from professional contracters.
        But probably at a steep price, as no gamestudio bought that data.

      • Robert Gödicke

        I thought ISI have a laserscanned version for their rFactor Pro customers, but it won’t make its way to rFactor 2 though…?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, the Nurburgring, as just one of its many questionable financial decisions, has granted one laser scanning contractor exclusive rights to the track. This is likely one of the several contractors that laser scans international tracks for teams to perform their setup simulations with. For example, these contractors have scan data for basically every track on the international schedule, and even some national tracks and street circuits like Baltimore (I know for a fact this has been scanned).

        So yes, there is laser scan data, and this is almost certainly the source for most of rFPro’s data. No idea whether they pay a license to the contractor when a pro team uses them, that could be the reason why the consumer version isn’t getting laser scanned versions of Le Mans, Monaco, and the NS. In any case, knowing the silliness surrounding Nurburgring the last few years, it wouldn’t surprise me if the NS laser scanned data was as expensive (and possibly overpriced in comparison) as reported by some.

  • Jann Dircks

    Hell yeah!

  • Derek Speare

    Just release it!

    • Anonymous

      i agree

  • Matt Orr

    And people say rF2 is ugly. No, ISI content is ugly, sadly.

    • Clutch Norris

      Yea it’s not the same thing smartass. Having a few artists working on the content of a full title that is still in WIP and a full team dedicated to one track who’s been working on it before rf2.

    • Long Man

      have you looked at the other screenshots ? its still ugly…

      sim racers just have ridiculously low standards

      • Anonymous

        you think so, i think you just want eye candy well go back to consloes they will give you all that. the rest of us want a decent sim not eye candy

      • Long Man

        i want both, its not asking too much in 2013

      • Anonymous

        yeah its the 21 century and don’t have a cure for cancer either.

  • Nazirull Safry Paijo

    Shut up n take my dvd already!! *throws dvd*

  • wajdi nujeidat

    They need to redo/improve the road mesh otherwise the ffb will be orribile!

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    Any confirmation that a steam copy of GTR Evolution will work?

  • Adam Špaček

    When I imagine lapping “green hell” in 60s F1 cars, I have goose bumps on my back!

  • Joe Grover

    Oh geeze. Dissapointed. With 29 comments so far, I was expecting there to be a fight going on in this thread. LOL
    I agree with Chris. Best news to date this year!

  • Long Man

    woo yeah more tracks that look like they were created in 2005, cutting edge.

    • Anonymous

      To be honest, i have to agree with you. I’m fed up of lazy conversions. Only feel3 and a few others are really modding tracks with any effort, that rest are doing an injustice to the rf2 engine.

  • Roger


    Not only do we get the Nordschleife, we get a really proper version of it as well! This looks better than any of the versions of the track available in any PC sim so far!

    Hope its accurate as well so we can compare some laptimes with real-life!

    This is one of the major milestones for rF2!!

  • Kenneth Sehested Pedersen

    Hmm all i can remember of the GTR Evolution Nordschleife curcuit is that it was wide as a freeway…..i liked the old one in rf1 better much more narrow, cant remember who made it, think i can remember there where, fall and winter edition of it also, that one where awesome think it was NOS who made it..

  • Wayne Reed

    This track will be awesome. Just to let you all know that you dont need gtr evo at all as all them disk cheaks can be bypassed using 7Zip its been done like that for years ( and before you start i own all simbin games and have the boxes to prove that fact) Just tell you something that most sim forums have been telling ppl for years

  • Janice Miller

    that’s great news hope it wouldn’t be so narrow :

  • Andreas Wagner

    Just FYI, the Nordschleife of GTR Evo was GPS scanned (I think that technique is accurate by 10 cm) so it probably is more accurate than the two other versions. One of theses versions was by Com8 (now working for SimBin BTW) and others and was modeled after this old 60s version in GPL.

    The SimBin version is more accurate since it is based on real data and not on an old track modified by comparing it with videos. However, the Com8 version is more accurate in terms of bumpiness and the realistic feeling of this awesome track.

    Many people say the Evo-Nordschleife is to wide and to flat but that impression is often caused by wrong FOV settings and on top of all many people are simply used to the Com8-version which is in fact to steep and narrow (but that gets you a better feeling how the track is but it’s still not “right”).

    • Anonymous

      10cm seems about right for GPS. I think most GPA methods trace just the left, right, and center of the track, though, so while the width, slope, crown/camber, and other coarse traits of the circuit should be accurate, any finer details (bumps, curbing, stuff between the traced lines) still need to be added by hand.

    • Tomas Beha

      10cm could be right on x,y positions for a very good GPS but not on elevations (z), which is the most difficult and important data to get a hold on. Actually simple aerialshots – often incorrectly referred to as sattelite imagery – can easily beat those 10cm ‘accuracy’ for x,y