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No Additional European Tracks Coming to F1 2020

The 2020 Formula One season is set to resume in early July and as the world’s biggest racing series is trying to adapt to the Covid-19 realty, there will likely be last-minute additions to the F1 calendar as tracks such as Hockenheim, Mugello & Portimao are rumored to be late additions to this year’s F1 schedule.

Buyers of the upcoming F1 2020 title will not get to enjoy these tracks though as, unsurprisingly, Codemasters have confirmed that the required development time to add new venues will not allow the studio to include any late schedule additions to the game.

“Circuits are the most time intense element of the development, with each circuit taking the time equivalent of 1 year of development to create along with building the circuits, there’s also the AI to train, the camera placement to set-up.”, Game Director Lee Mather clarified when speaking to GP Blog.

While players will not get to drive on every track of the real 2020 season this year, it’s not all bad news as players will instead get access to two brand new tracks, Hanoi and Zandvoort, that have been scrapped from the real schedule due to the Corona pandemic.

F1 2020 is available for pre-order here.