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NLC VLN 2005 Mod – Peugeot 206 Previews

NLC VLN 2005 Mod – Peugeot 206 Previews

Team NLC has added a brand new car to the lineup of their VLN 2005 mod for rFactor – The Peugeot 206 RC.

The French tin-top was a popular car in VLN competition, giving countless privateer teams an affordable base to go racing around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The Peugeot’s competed in a special cup-class against each other and the rest of the 200+ car field.

While the car has mostly been replaced by the newer 207 model, it will live on in rFactor thanks to NLC. The car can be seen below, both in plain white and sporting a first test livery.

  • stabiz

    This is one of my most awaited mods, so many cool cars at once. *drool*

  • Anonymous

    For me too. I can’t wait this mod

  • ZaCh-Vo

    Is it near to be finished in close future? Or, we are too far away from this? 😥 VLN2007 mod is good, but i think this will be the “real one”

  • weischschon

    We really don`t know a release-date for ourselves. I hope we get release 1.0 ready in 2008, but i`m not sure about this `cause we are a very small team

    It´s planned to make some Service Packs with even more Cars and improvements in the future

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