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Niels Heusinkveld Off-Road Physics – Video

Niels Heusinkveld has released his newest rFactor physics experiment video.

If you’re a regular VirtualR reader you’ve seen plenty of Niels Heusinkveld’s physics experiments with the gMotor 2 engine already.

Below is the newest as Niels is one again tackling off-road physics. This time, Niels is working on a Baha Truck with 25+ inches of suspension travel, once again proving that gMotor can pretty much simulate any kind of vehicle.

  • Brad

    So what did he change from the WCORR Reloaded mod?

    • Niels Heusinkveld

      Physics from 100% scratch as usual. Driven with a gamepad, but with the Bodnar wheel it is ultra awesome, I may do an onboard vid later 🙂

  • EaglemanGT

    Looks like my Pro2 from the WCORR Reloaded which I was unaware that anybody was adjusting anything. EaglemanGT

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure Niels will respond himself as he’s a regular VirtualR reader but let me just points out that he usually never releases his physics experiments for others to download, just in case you`re worried about that.

      • EaglemanGT

        I sure hope not Montoya, that would be just not cool. But thanks for the reply.

      • Marcus Reynolds

        The fact you even think it is possible Neils would release it only goes to show how little you clearly know the guy, which frankly I find astounding as a fellow contributor of content for Rfactor, Neils is nothing less than 100% respectful and professional. Btw is that my bush texture he is using ?

      • Paul Mullins

        Pretty arrogant response there Marcus..!!

      • Marcus Reynolds

        Was not meant to be, and in retrospect I do not see how ? I still find it quite amazing Eagleman would even let it cross him mind that Neils might steal his work and pass it as his own or some such crappy behaviour…….

      • Anonymous

        Because you’re judging, that’s why… Not your place.

      • Marcus Reynolds

        Judging what ?? that Eagleman has clearly jumped on the wrong boat assuming someone might rip off his work ?? and that I am surprised as a fellow rFactor contributor he doesn’t know of Neils or that he is not remotely that kind of person?? Climb of your soap box and save it for some one who cares, too spineless to stick up for Neils and make it very clear he is honourable then that is your problem.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, there’s a lot of hate in you, Marcus…
        Why are you so angry ?

      • Gerardo

        One of the best mod for online racing, is pure fun!!!!

      • EaglemanGT

        Thanks Gerardo, appreciate the good word. And Marcus, you obviously have not been in the rFactor community that long, so buckle in, STHU and enjoy the ride.

        Keep up the great work VirtualIR, and Niels, the offer is on the table if you think you have something that would make what I have better….

    • Niels Heusinkveld

      I pick all sorts of mods for private physics projects, but won’t release more than a video (or two), so don’t worry!

  • Mr.None

    kart, snow and now baha… Niels just tease us and never release 🙁

    • Ar Kh

      i guess, we could collect some money and pay to him for a good mod for us 🙂 looking at GSC, i think he wouldn’t ask much from us hehe


    I grew up watching these types of trucks race. Always wanted to try one in a proper Sim. Nice vid.

  • StarFoXySxv550

    Next up: his perhaps Neils? Or anybody for that matter..

    I remember watching this sport on Eurosport maybe 20 years ago, for a few years I was hooked on watching these and the crazy lengthened motorcross contraptions heading for the sun. Would be nice to have ago myself. If anyone knows of such a mod please point me in the correct direction 😉

    • Niels Heusinkveld

      I wanted to do monster trucks as they are (physics wise) interesting, but front ‘axles’ aren’t possible as isn’t rear wheel steering. Those iceland hillclimb things also have those axles, but also really would need a ‘dig in’ loose surface model. So these are two types of car I don’t think can be modelled quite well enough.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        Awww shame, maybe in 2020 I’ll ask again lol

  • Matt Orr

    Baja fyi, not Baha.

    • Anonymous

      Yes Baja but pronounced ba:ha

  • Professional Operator