Nicolas Hamilton Joins Project CARS

Slightly Mad Studios have announced a major new addition to World of Mass Development as Nicolas Hamilton joins Project CARS as Handling Consultant.

Born in Herfordshire, England, in 1992, Nicolas was brought up in the motorsports world alongside older brother Lewis. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Nicolas has always made sure this wouldn’t stop him from pursing his passion for racing.

After a first try of karting at the age of 7, Nicolas’ racing career kicked into higher gear in 2010 when he impressed everyone testing a BMW M3 at Palmer Sport. His smooth driving style earned him his MSA Novice Racing License and secured him a seat in the Air Asia Renault Clio Cup where he has been competing ever since.

Aside from bringing real racing experience to the table, Nicolas is also an accomplished sim racer, having won the 2009  SBTCC Championship run with Race07 and other sim racing community events.

His activity on WMD will include providing feedback to the developers and running a weekly blog with his view of the latest developments. Furthermore, Nicolas has already been busy setting some very fast laps on the Project CARS leaderboards, giving the members a tough nut to crack.

With former “Top Gear” Stig & racing driver Ben Collins returning to WMD this month as well, there are now two race drivers helping to fine-tune Project CARS tire & physics model.

  • Mark

    No offense to Nicolas, but this seems to me to be more likely to get publicity for pCARS rather than getting feedback from a ‘Handling Consultant’.

    • Andrew Male

      To be fair, he drives in the Clio Cup, which is more than most bedroom simmers on here will ever do.

      • sargentjack86

        He has more money and contacts than most bedroom simmers on here.

      • Andrew Male

        Yes, and your point is?

      • sargentjack86

        What, you didn’t get it??
        I’ll put it simply so you can understand.
        You stated that Nic Hamilton has raced in the Clio Cup and that that is more than most bedroom simmers would ever do.
        My response highlights the fact that Nic has much more funding and contacts than any of the bedroom simmers on here thus that is why he is in a position to race in said championship and many of us are not.
        That is as basic as I can put it for you.
        I don’t see your problem or the need for a stupid response.

      • Andrew Male

        In other news, bears poop in the woods.

      • sargentjack86


      • StarFoXySxv550

        But did it make a sound if we weren’t there to hear it?

      • Eric Zehnder

        The vast majority of people in racing are there because they have both racing talent AND money. VERY few people make it far in racing without significant financial backing.

        That being said, I don’t see why you chose to bad mouth a prominent sim racer AND real race car driver. What purpose does that serve?

      • Big Ron

        What does it matter with how much money he came into motorsport? With contracts or without. In the end it just matters that he has racing experience. Most race drivers paid money to get into good teams or even to get a chance to race.

      • Anonymous

        Everybody has a chance to race whatever type racing. You don’t need orginized competition to race or be a racer it’s within all of us. Just remeber Nic has worked very hard to race at the level he is at in a professional capacity. All racers start somewhere and all deserve the respect of their piers.

      • Anonymous

        No kidding, but that doesn’t diminish that he has proper competition experience IRL, as well as in sim. Pros like that are invaluable, no matter the sim.

      • daz

        So this will help him give handling advice on the Lotus 49 how? Or will we end up with a Lotus 49 that handles like a Clio Cup car?

      • Gt Thunder

        Good point.

        Nothing against Nicolas Hamilton but someone need to explain me how driving a Clio Cup car could be useful to fixing the handling and inertia dynamics of cars like Audi R18, Gumpert Apollo, Pagani Zonda R… etc etc.

        His feedback can eventually be useful on FF cars though,

      • pez2k .

        He has real life experience of the difference between sims and reality. He’s not necessarily consulting on how each individual car should behave, it’s probably more of a general role to say ‘sims don’t reflect XXX properly’, or ‘real life has more YYY’.

      • Anonymous

        Good point, also how do we know that SMS will not let him drive the the real cars?

    • pez2k .

      Ben Collins’ feedback was actually taken into account early on, and physics and setup changes were made in response. He’s been away for quite a while though, so it’ll be interesting to see what the two drivers have to say about the new tyre model.

      • Andrew Male

        He was the stunt driver on Skyfall. Lucky git.

      • Michael

        Well, presumably they’ll recognise this is about a sim so they’ll start a big bun fight with each other? 🙂

    • Darin Gangi

      Actually.. That’s not true. I personally connected Nicolas with the pCars dev team through Andy Gray at Codemasters. They are friends (Nicolas and Andy) and Nicolas wanted to offer feedback. No publicity sought, just a love of racing is what I saw it as.

      • Ian Bell

        Thanks for that Darin.

      • Marcus Caton

        Ahh so he didn’t want to publicize it but PCARS did it anyway… legit.

      • Alejandro Gorgal

        It’s a conspiracy! They secretly want to destroy the racing sim community from within and then replace it with a new project, “My Little Pony: Fists of Truth”.

      • Anonymous


      • Ricoo

        Thanks Darin. 🙂

  • k m

    Please watch this > Nic is such a great guy

    • Roger

      Thanks, that was a great video! I havent heard about Nic before.

      I thought the Hamilton family could afford better sim gear than a X-Box 360 wheel… Ok its better than a pad, but by a slim margin! 🙂

      • Alex White

        He has a T500 now.


      Definitely a great guy. When looking at his first crash, he asked what he did wrong. I can tell straight away what he did wrong. If you look closely you’ll see that when he turned into the skid, he only turned the wheel about 60 degrees max. If he had known to turn into the skid as much as possible and not over correct, he probably wouldn’t have crashed. I suppose this type of thing comes with experience. He certainly seems like he loves what he’s doing, though. Let’s hope that SMS can turn this relationship into something great for pCARS.

  • Big Ron

    It´s great that he participates in pCARS since he has drivin´race cars and also has experience in simracing.

  • jswarthoff

    cool, maybe we’ll see the clio cup in pcars….

  • MR. Boombastic

    Handling consultant? Sounds like they do not have anyone who knows something about physics, instead they hire racing drivers to get feedback how car should feel….

    • Dylan H.

      VirtualR comments, the place where even consulting someone with real life experience can be considered bad.

      • Eric Zehnder

        Apparently! Geez.

        I think it’s because the haters haven’t actually checked out the feedback already left by Ben Collins. He didn’t just say “Wow, love the graphics! Feels great!”

        His comments were very detailed and though he enjoyed the early experience, had to tweak an awful lot of things with the physics devs. The new tire model brings with it a lot of good things and also some challenges. Someone like Nicolas is perfect as he understands both worlds.

    • F1Racer

      That’s a bit harsh. And wouldn’t you say hiring a racing driver to get feedback on how a car should feel is a GOOD thing ? Cos I certainly would.

      • daz

        I read this somewhere……

        Nic Hamilton drives with buttons for brake and throttle, and uses ABS and traction control.

        Not knocking him for any of this as he can use whatever he likes (and I’ve heard he is darn good), but I just find it odd that SMS want to employ a ‘Handling Consultant’ who has driving aids enabled to dumb down the effects of the cars handling. How can he give productive feedback if this is the case?

  • Damon Clewlow

    Nic is a really good lad. he’s enthusiastic about sims and pretty bloody quick when it comes to racing online so the fact he races in a real championship is a bit of a bonus for me.

    I can think of worse people to say whether they think something is right or wrong.

  • Roger

    Seams like a great guy!

    Good to have someone who is both sim racer and real race car driver to give input on handling! (so we avoid the kind of comments we heard from Tiff Needell) 🙂

    Would be interesting to hear what he thinks about the Clip Cup car in rFactor 2, IMO it is one of the best simulated cars in sim racing to date. Though now when he is biased towards pCars I doubt we will get a fully honest answer.

  • Chris Wright

    Nicolas is possibly unique in that he is almost as well known for his dedication to sim racing as his real racing. A deep understanding of both disciplines should lead to excellent translation of his feedback into the title. It’s a great choice.

    • Anonymous

      Certainly not unique, but quite valuable. Real drivers provide the most useful feedback when they’re already quite familiar with simulations. Dale Jr used to sim race a lot before life got in the way, and Shane Van Gisbergen races weekly for the iRacing V8SC championship. Scott Speed and others have spent a lot of time as well.

      • Chris Wright

        FWIW, I still say he’s unique, because he definitely has had as much exposure for his sim racing as his real racing. Dale Jr. is clearly better known as an RL racer.

  • hoodge1


  • Anonymous

    I am pretty sure Nicolas loves his simracing… as most of us…

    • Alex White

      he races at RaceDepartment, I think. 🙂

      • Damon Clewlow

        He ran one of the touring car leagues at Syncro Racing a couple of years back, very quick he was too.

      • Rhys Gardiner

        I’ve raced against him, as have many other drivers at RaceDepartment and Touring Pro Series. One thing I can tell you is that he really knows his stuff… I’ve had my ass handed to me nearly every time I’ve been on track with him.

  • Guy Moulton

    OMG!!11 Really they have the brother of a race car driver!! WOWWEE! Correction: pCARS now has a former race car driver and the brother of a race car driver. I wish this thing had a roll eyes emoticon I could put in here.

    • Anonymous

      So driving a “Race Car” for the Air Asia team in the Renault Clio Cup doesn’t make him a “Race Car Driver”?? What planet are you on?
      I too wish this thing had a roll eyes emoticon I could put in here.

    • Eric Zehnder

      Moderators? I know you guys want to seem impartial but these posts of brazen disrespect for other community members and obvious trolling need to be *deleted*. The community on this site is being torn apart by this crap.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        the community that matters, and provides positive input doesn’t care. I know I just read, laugh and move on to reading something worth reading, and responding to something worth responding to. I would say being torn apart is a bit strong. There’s no foul language, and I found the above “troll being trolled” amusing if I’m honest. No need to delete everything trollish, but yes, if it gets out of hand, then, get rid. Just my opinion!

      • Race it!

        the moderators here are a complete joke, so one sided it is not even funny.
        post any comment against there buddies from online racing they will be all over you.

        If the topic is filling there pockets with clicks or revenue there all over the readers comments. Not professional at all that way. Otherwise the site is very organized.

    • Borderline

      OMG!!11 What are your credentials that would make us think your opinion actually matters!! WOWWEE!

    • Race it!

      I guess this is similar to to calling your race league a league in your posts when you really only had 3 members in rschamps lol.
      What you don’t realize is this guy has more experience behind race car wheel then average plus I would bet money he will use his brother’s input.

  • Anonymous

    Nice. I just keep regretting that I didn’t join pCARS when I still had the chance… It’s shaping up to become a great game/sim. Gonna be a long wait until it comes out in 2013!

    OT: I’m sure Nicolas will be of great help. If he’s just half as cool as his brother, it can only be a good thing to have him on board.

  • Marcus Caton

    BTW people, Nicholas is a Sim Racing, or a Sim Gamer.
    So the best that comes of this is a more Sim like PCARS, that should be a good thing.
    Otherwise they should look into getting some real racers.

  • Humberto Roca

    I dont see why there is so much debate! Publicity or Handling Consultant whatever it is, its going to help us! they are doing it for us. So please have some respect and instead of fighting you should be thankful.

    PS: sorry for my bad english

    • F1Racer

      Damn right !

      • daz

        Maybe SMS could have just announced that Nic had joined the team to helpwork on the game and left it at that. I’m sure this would then have had a much wider positive response, rather than announce him in this ‘Handling Consultant’ role, which has led to many of us being a tad sceptical and giving the feedback we have.

        I’m sure feedback from Nic, and also Ben Collins, will be beneficial to SMS down the road.

      • F1Racer

        Oh so what you’re saying is, announce him, but don’t tell us his job title. Yeah I can see how keeping us in the dark on that would be beneficial. People would start asking questions on what his involvement was etc. Whats to be skeptical about ? Seems quite clear to me. Some people just want to see the negative in things instead of looking at this as a positive which is what it is.
        I’d rather have Nicholas Hamilton giving SMS feedback than any sim racer with no real world experience.

        Maybe they should have got his brother eh ?

      • Anonymous

        Nic has already been of great help with feedback relating to the new SETA tire model and will be valuable to help fine tune the cars in their transiitions from the old Tire Model.

      • F1Racer


      • Michael

        Meh, it’s not that difficult for a racing driver to talk about the handing and feel of a car.

        Of course IRL, they can’t say “It feels unrealistic” – but they can talk about the characteristics they expect in response to their inputs and whether they feel the game responds in the same way a similar car would.

        In Ben’s case he’s obviously driven shedloads of cars at high speed around the top gear track. That may give him a unique perspective into specific cars that few others have.

        In Nick’s case he’s played sims and raced cars – maybe not as many, but most of it boils down to the physics of rubber on tarmac.

        The better question you have to ask yourself isn’t how qualified they are – it’s whether what they say can or will make much, if any difference.

        I mean, I can strangle lots of women and then go and talk to Tactivsion games about how to make their FPS game “Strangle women simulator” realistic, but I’m sure anyone hear who has perhaps grabbed someone by the throat, even on an amateur basis wouldn’t really expect the game to be any more realistic as a result – because the things that are generally missing from a PC simulation,are not Nicholas Hamilton or Ben Collins knowledge.

        After all racing drivers and sim racers have been blathering to sim developers for years.

        That said, their input possibly could improve the game and make it better than it would otherwise be.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe some people just unable to see the big picture, only a portion of what’s directly in front of their “eyes”

  • daz

    Nothing against young master Hamilton and great for SMS to get him on board, but I don’t see how he can be a ‘Handling Consultant’ for cars that are in the game that he has never driven. How will driving a Clio Cup car help SMS dial in the Lotus 49, Capri, Formula A, Zonda etc. etc.

    • F1Racer

      He can help more than he can hinder, that’s for sure. It’s better to have him there than not to have so I really don’t see how anyone can find a negative in this.

      • daz

        I guess we’ll see if this is true. Its all very good taking on board his feedback, but then you need to be able to convey this in the game. With the way some folks talk about the handling of PCARS presently, it will be interesting to see if they have the talent to convert what Nic says in to 1’s and 0’s.

    • Marco Conti

      He can certainly help more than I can.
      However, if they ever decide to add a 1967 Renault 4 and/or a 1972 FIAT 125 sedan, I’ll ask them for a job as I am an expert on those two cars (I grew up in a private community outside Rome and I drove both cars to the limit as a young lad).
      Otherwise, any other car I think Nic is way more qualified than I am.

    • StarFoXySxv550

      He must have driven more than just a Clio in anger, his brother did actually own, and possibly still does own a Zonda 760, that’s probably the closest thing to a Zonda R Pagini ever built. Surely Nicky blagged a ride in this beast at a private test track at some point?

    • Anonymous

      The same way Iracing, ISI & Kunos are doing it, they all seem to have the lotus, yet no one questions how they dial in the physics for that one vehicle.

      • Wayne Reed

        Its not really that hard is it tbh seeing as there are 5 running 49s in the world right now so it very easy to find what they need to know. This is one thing that makes me pmsl about so called sim racer nerds you all think you know so much about where and how ISI, Kunos, SMS, Simbin, Iracing, make there physics from. You know nothing other then what you say and feel when you watch a vid or play the game. And yes i am sim nerd i think i have forgot more then most of you know. It no wonder the sim area is getting smaller and smaller (by that i mean modders and the like) Because you all sit there b****ing all the time its so sad it really is that you all thing you know what is best pmsl. I am feedup with reading all the this game will be poo when it comes out bla bla bla well if it is dont get it its that simple. I dont like Iracing but i dont say its poo because i dont like it many many many of you do. Thats how it works we all like are own things. So play nice for god sake or just dont post.

  • Sam Sturino

    He is probebly the most qualified out of most Real Racers, with his love of sim racing and actual feel for real cars..

  • Anonymous

    Two other names that come to mind that PCars should consider.

    Sean Edwards very fast alien sim racer who races Porsche’s 997, sls gt in real life.

    And little bit stretch but Adrian Sutil is avid sim racer as well.

  • Kenny Jay

    If it helps… Bring it on!!!

  • Sam Stratten

    Seems most people are just jealous because they were never asked. Bless the internet.

  • Marco Conti

    I want to welcome Nic and thank him for his work. I am glad he is on board.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope the new tyre model can be improved to accommodate Nic’s and Ben’s feedback 😀

  • StarFoXySxv550

    Disclaimer: I’m quite the Hamilton fan boy, Huge respect for the three of them and their achievements. I love the fact that Nick is a sim racer.

    That is all.

  • Wally Masterson

    I’m not convinced. Nicolas uses buttons on his sim wheel for throttle and brake, and in the absence of a progressive application of a throttle and brake pedal, I can’t see how he can give feedback about car handling. The inputs are completely different.

  • Ar Kh

    simply awesome news. i’m glad that i have an account in WMD. guys from SMS are doing really great work.

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