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New Update for Automobilista Available

Reiza Studios have released a new update for their Automobilista title.

Reiza Studios have released a new update for their Automobilista title.

Version 1.3.7 introduces plenty of fixes as well as improved support for Fanatec wheels. Fanatec wheel owners should make sure to be using the latest wheel firmware before applying the update.


  • Added support for auto-rotation with Fanatec CSL-E, Fanatec LEDs native support & a command mapping option to toggle LED to display Gear, Speed or Off
  • Fixed logic exporting Setups in Time Trial mode which could allow setup from a slower lap time replacing one from a previous faster lap
  • Adjusted qualifying lap limit (20 laps for most series, 12 for modern formula series)
  • DynHUD: set track map in Original / Telemetry overlays to fixed (can be switched back to rotating via DynHUD Editor); added missing race widgets to Telemetry overlay
  • Adjusted AI performance in various kart tracks
  • Karts: Revised tire model, adjusted weight distribution in all karts: Adjusted default steering lock. Adjusted AI performance
  • Boxer: Fixed brake light graphical glitch
  • F-V12: Fixed LCD display rev range
  • F-Trainer: Minor tire model adjustments; fixed differential settings mistakenly left adjustable
  • Mini: Corrected engine description
  • Caterham: Corrected 360R gearbox as H-Shifter

Automobilista owners can now update their installation via Steam, Automobilista is available for purchase here.

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