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New – The VirtualR Community Zone

New – The VirtualR Community Zone

After the most recent design change in July, there hasn’t been much innovation around here. This changes now as I´m happy to introduce a new feature: The VirtualR Community Zone.

I´m constantly receiving requests from readers who want a message forum, a chat or other kinds of community-building tools. Furthermore, lots of leagues and screenshot/video artists want to have their material featured on VirtualR, something that’s not really possible in the news portion of the site.

That’s why I came up with the community zone that will hopefully fit all those needs. It offers a message forum, live chat, photo and video upload and more. The Community Zone is all about user-generated content, discussion and networking. Readers can message each other, leagues can advertise their upcoming races in the events calendar and artists can showcase their material.

Some of the features:

  • Forum
  • Chat
  • Personal Blogs
  • Private Messages
  • Photo/Video upload & galleries
  • Online Racing Events Calendar

Since the community portion of the site is hosted by a different service provider, you´ll need to sign-up to become a member, signing up is as easy as creating an account for commenting here though.

Even though I´m getting quite a lot of requests on this stuff, I´m not completely sure how popular these features will be. That’s why the design of the community section is rather basic for a start, once it becomes popular I´ll be working on making it more appealing and integrate it more into the news portion of the site.

Please take your time to check it out, sign-up and leave me your features afterwards. I´m hoping to get lots of feedback on what features are wanted and what not so I can improve the community aspect of the site in the future.

Enough with the talking, click here to check out the new community zone – I´m looking forward to meet you all there! 🙂

  • GeraArg

    Thanks a lot for this new part of the web Rob!!!!!!!!!! :happy: :happy:

  • zuwairiaiman

    hope the best for your upcoming thing 😉

  • felipe

    nice 😉

  • phil23

    Cool 😎

    Off to sign up now 😉

  • DeDios

    Thanks mate! sign up now!

  • F1Racer

    Brill !!!

  • f0xx

    Great work Montoya!

  • stabiz


  • BSR-WiX

    That is very cool news. This might become the long awaited replacement for the RSC as we new it in its good days.

    Thanks for making a good Sim HQ even better Mntoya.

  • tigeraid

    An excellent idea Montoya, I was worried you’d gotten rid of a “League” section for good. We have a big VLN Nordschleife Invitational coming up on Dec 7th, so I’ll put that section to good use! :happy:

  • MarkusM

    great idea :happy: thanx :sd:

    markus 😉

  • Pandamasque

    Great news. It can be very successful, just get a few good moderators. Good luck!

  • Panchito

    Nice to see Virtualr is growing. I like a lot this site and visit it every day :happy:

  • JGoenR

    Nice work Montoya! 😀

  • DW

    You are a brave man. Moderating a forum can be a nightmare.

  • captain_underpants

    Shit. Wrong tab. Sorry

    Anyway, great addition to a great site. I don’t care what anyone says about VirtualR, I like it.

  • Tripp

    Nice a forum also

  • Montoya

    captain_underpants I don’t care what anyone says about VirtualR, I like it.

    Just out of curiosity: What do people say? 😮 😉

    Thanks for the positive feedback from all of you, the section is off to a great start as 170 people have already joined and started connecting 😀

  • superapex

    Montoya, this site is awsome. This is everything I would want in a sim racing news site. The addition of the community section made it even better. The only complaints I hear are related to the actual performance of the site itself. Maybe one day the news/ blogging division of AOL news will buy your site for 50 million and host on an Internet backbone. Until then if bandwidth and performance are your only issues that is something only money and advertising dollars can fix

  • captain_underpants

    MontoyaJust out of curiosity: What do people say?

    It’s just a turn of phrase, designed to induce unnecessary paranoia. Try it on a loved one today!

  • Montoya

    It’s just a turn of phrase, designed to induce unnecessary paranoia. Try it on a loved one today!

    Lol, worked with me 😆

  • paupau

    Ain’t we off to a good start, good luck 🙄

  • Remus

    Very nice Montoya…you are the best :sd: