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New Automobilista Patch Available For Download

Reiza Studios have released a new Automobilista Patch, fixing several reported issues with their simulation.

Reiza Studios have released a new Automobilista Patch, fixing several reported issues with their simulation.

Hotfix v1.4.92 Improvements

Fixed a CTD when loading a track that has unexpected AIW format whilst parsing for Track Map
Improved fuel log calculations in general. Now only log valid complete laps fixing an issue whereby garage to s/f line would count as a full lap and result in AI having fuel issues
Added an extra 5% safety to AI fuel calculations and adjusted AI fuel strategy in none race modes
Revised AI fuel estimates for all cars too much more accurate values
HUD time should now show 00:00:00 after time expires on timed sessions
Fixed an issue where championship vehicle would not select until you clicked on the driver name
Forced load UI Fonts in 32 bit to stop image corruption
Fixed a minor issue that Quali Duration would not enable after enabling Qualifying
Cleaned out audio code, removed some redundant bits (may solve some potential CTDs in higher AudioFX settings)
Updated User Guide with HUD manual
Updated light flares on safety cars
Save PLR File when going to track and leaving to the main menu to address player controller settings not getting saved
Fixed a CTD when race finishes online and you are a spectator
Fixed a CTD going to garage menu online when you are a spectator
Fixed G29 losing FFB when the game loses focus and under other arbitrary conditions
Fixed turbo sound in replay bug
Removed “Mono Speaker” from config app menu (not supported in Win7 and newer)
Adjusted curb sounds of various vehicles
Interlagos: Fixed F-Extreme compound restrictions
Santa Cruz: Fixed FTruck CTD
Londrina: Fixed road white lines in kart layouts
F-Ultimate: Revised tire wear for all compounds
TC Classics: Fixed wrong Uno Bala asymmetrical front ride height; Fixed bug in Uno rear view mirror; Fixed error with 2 Uno cars from B class not appearing
F-V12: Corrected missing VX ID in Magenta #12 car
F-Classic: Improved edges in analog cockpit gauges
AJR: Fixed rear brake glow clipping rear wing endplate; Fixed slow standing start with Honda Turbo AI cars; fixed inconsistent engine/sound/cockpit settings in a couple of cars
Camaro SS: Added Stock car 2017 Safety Car as a driveable option
ARC Camaro: Fixed click interior idle sound

The new Automobilista Patch can now be downloaded via Steam update. Sim racers who don’t own Automobilista yet can buy the title on Steam here.

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