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New Automobilista 2 Update Adds Historic Stock Cars

Reiza Studios have released a new Automobilista 2 Update as their Early Access Steam title moves towards version 1.0.

Update 8.7.1 introduces a brand new car as the title now features the historic 1985 Opala Stock Cars season.

Furthermore, the new update introduces a brand new feature as well as Time Trial Mode is now available, bringing back a popular feature from Automobilista 1 with added features such as the ability to load ghost laps from friends.

Other changes in the new version include plenty of physics & FFB updates as listed in the detailed changelog below. The new Automobilista 2 Update can now be downloaded by updating your installation on Steam.

Speaking of Steam, as Reiza Studios continues to develop the title towards version 1.0, the current 40% off discount will be reduced to 20% off once the title hits version 0.9.0 next week. So if you want to get your hands on this quickly developing title for a reduced price, head over to Steam now.

Changelog V0.8.7.1:


  • Enabled Time Trial Mode
  • Player now has complete control in pits if Pit Stop Control is set to “Manual” in Gameplay Options (no longer gets automatically held up due to incoming traffic)
  • Implemented new CutTrackFraction logic for detecting how far back a track limit infringement in the previous lap invalidates the next one (5% of track length in practice, 10% in qualifying, 15% in Time Trial)
  • Fix bug where spawning in a garage in between sessions would cause Trucks to crash into the garage


  • Added Opala Stock Cars 1986 Season


  • Added missing F-Trainer A vehicle specs; Corrected Puma GTB, Super V8, Lancer R & RS, Copa Classic specs
  • Fixed AJR V6 short name in the session config screen
  • Added new ‘Full’ variation of the Laptime Info HUD element (gives past lap info or Time Trial info depending on game mode/session)
  • Moved Laptime info position slightly higher in the default layout

Physics & FFB:

  • Added “Tyre Scrub to Rack” effect to FX FFB slider (New Default profile only
  • Added “Min force” FFB function, disabled by default (can be activated in custom FFB file)
  • Minor FFB adjustments to various cars to better suit New Default profile
  • Increased FFB smoothness for FWD cars
  • Fixed remaining issues with excessive brake wear
  • Revised drivelines for all TC Classics, AJR, F-Vintages, F-Classics Lancers, Ultimas to correct excessive drivetrain losses & inertia
  • Fixed suspension physics for Copa Classic B Passat
  • Minor adjustments to tyre tread & carcass for Copa Classic, Lancers, Opalas, Ultima Race, AJR, Stock Car & F-Classic
  • Added wet tyre options for Lancers & Copa Classics
  • Corrected excessive engine boost in Lancer R & RS
  • Fixed wrong default tyre option in some TC Classics that could cause CTDs
  • Reduced front ride height range & moved diffuser center of pressure forward by 8cm in Metalmoro AJR for more accurate aero balance (all variants)
  • F-Classics Gen1&2: moved diffuser center of pressure forward by 2cm for more accurate aero balance, increased diffuser downforce loss with yaw
  • F-Classic (all Gens): Adjusted default setup (stiffer rear ARB, corrected ride height inconsistencies); fixed V8 engine wear range


  • Disabled glitchy AI function that would cause it to behave erratically while trying to weave out of the way under a blue flag in Practice & Quali (AI will now just reduce speed to let faster car by)
  • Adjusted AI behavior under a yellow flag (a bit less overzealous)
  • Revised AI damper rates for all cars
  • Minor AI performance tweak to Londrina (both layouts)


  • Corrected environment & track temperature ranges for South American tracks
  • Interlagos Kart: Fixed layout 3 fences and walls missing when running less than High Track Detail


  • Passat Copa Classic B: Updated interior textures, corrected collision mesh
  • Puma P052: Updated cockpit interior textures; updated liveries for #03 #05 #08 #35 #36 #52 #65 #78 & added Community skins #55 #56 #58 #60
  • Sprint Race: Added rear brake lights

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