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netKar Pro – 1.2C Update Released

netKar Pro – 1.2C Update Released

Kunos Simulazioni has released a second update to version 1.2 of their netKar Pro simulation.

Version 1.2 introduced the KS2 open-wheeler and various physics improvements to the simulation, the C-version update now fixes various little glitches as listed below.


– Improved server outgoing message flow
– Redesigned multithread implementation on Online Race Lobby to use less CPU resources
– Fixed server list ordering by connected users
– Fixed server list ordering by server name
– Server list is now ordered by connected users by default
– Added GUI option to select “loop mode” for hosted races
– Added “Invert first 6 places” loop mode for hosted races
– Fixed wrong aero drag calculation for extreme negaive body angle of attack value
– Improved contact response in car to car collisions
– Reduced aero draft effect
– Added “CONTACT” report to server log
– Added “START” report to server log
– Cars have more resistence to impacts
– Local car uses slot number 3 in top leaderboard
– Fixed server reporting wrong access code resulting in password box not showing up for started races

The update is available via the title’s autoupdate feature, version 1.2B can be downloaded here.

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