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netKar Pro 1.1 – Final Version Released

netKar Pro 1.1 – Final Version Released

Following a three-stage public beta programm, Kunos Simulazioni has released the final version of netKar Pro 1.1.

The final release of version 1.1 fixes several little issues and adds a bunch of features as listed below.


– Fixed driver race number not being set on driver’s panel opening
– Fixed licence file not being generated
– Removed “speeding in pits” message during replays
– Added click noise for cockpit buttons
– [TO CHECK] Fixed top bar only showing flags
– Fixed top bar not switchable and appearing in full mode
– Increased the highest driver race number to 500
– Dirty visor is back
– Fixed “use beep” in chat
– Tyre vibrational modes are now damped down going through the steering wheel
– Fixed FF friction applying forces in the wrong direction
– Added “cancel” button to password message box
– Fixed replay not showing custom skin
– Moved application saved files to “My Documents”
– Fixed incorrect rounding of setup values generating different numbers when moving up/down
– Added audio mixing functionality
– Added X360 controller native support
– Fixed a potential divide by zero when pedals are not properly configured
– Added an top level dead zone for the clutch preventi the car from moving slightly with 1st and clutch down
– Fixed limited slip differential adding too much locking torques
– Fixed F1600 front tyres, not enough grip
– New formula to calculate Force Feedback contributions from caster
– Added sort functionality to server list for Name, Car, Track and Ping
– Added Race, Qualify, Practice indicator in server list
– Added color codes to server list
– Fixed video resolution list reporting the same combination more than once
– Fixed incorrect “ghost” collisions in multiplayer
– Improved car bottom/ground collision detection and response
– Fixed BACKSPACE starter button interfering with chat
– Fixed controls configuration potentially crashing the system due to different locale culture settings
– Fixed fuel consuption for the F2000
– Fixed tyre temperature going very cold on grass and sand
– Fixed key control when device lock is > steer lock
– Added antialias settings
– Added remote cars details settings
– Fixed controller panel not updating controller configuration after executing controller wizard
– Online Race panel now checks if a track is available on the client before launching the simulator
– Fixed engine sound source for 5.1 and 7.1 systems
– Added custom tracks cubemap support

Important: Users of past versions should make sure to backup their “netKar Pro” folder in “My Documents” and transfer over their license and driver folders. The use of old setups with the new version is not recommended.

netKar Pro sells for just 19,90€, including five circuits with various configurations. Racers get to choose from five different cars, including four Formula cars and the Fiat 500 Abarth that was added with verison 1.1.

Download netKar Pro 1.1 Here

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