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netKar Pro 1.1 – Beta 3 Released

netKar Pro 1.1 – Beta 3 Released

Kunos Simulazioni has released the third beta of their netKar Pro 1.1 simulation, launching the final stage of the 1.1 version’s public beta programme.

The third beta weighs 340mb and introduces various new features and fixes as listed below:

> It is now possible to complete the lap after a qualify end
> Improved server communication for non updated versions
> Added automatic check and warning for insufficient fuel to complete a race
> Overlay names are now on by default
> Added an high ping warning
> Added audio levels control
> Added “auto refuel” behaviour when “change tyres at sim start” is enabled
> Driver’s stats moved to the Driver’s panel
> Chat is now operative
> Collisions are now off during the race for “cube” cars
> Collisions are now off before green lights
> New formula for differentials
> Updated coast torque for all the engines
> Improved cameras management (F1-F2-F3 key commands

Download netKar Pro 1.1 Beta 3 Here

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