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Need for Speed Shift – Release Day!

Need for Speed Shift – Release Day!

The wait for Need for Speed Shift is over, at least if you´re living in North America, as EA’s newest Need for Speed Shift title is available for purchase since this morning.

European buyers will have to wait two additional days until the Europe launch on Thursday but there’s some stuff to pass by the waiting time as Gametrailers has released a video review you can check out below.

Furthermore, PC Games Hardware has put together an interesting article comparing the various detail levels of the PC version and the needed specs to run Shift in full glory. If you´re planning to go for one of the console versions, this article compares Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 graphics to help you make up your mind which version to get.

Speaking of console versions, EA has also given release dates for the console demo versions as the Xbox 360 demo will be coming October 2nd while the Playstation 3 version will be released a day earlier on October 1st. No word has yet been given on the PC demo version, VirtualR will be having a full review of the PC version in a few days.