Need for Speed Shift – Pro Career Mod

While other mods for Need for Speed Shift have already improved the title’s graphics and physics, xupeko’s Pro Career Mod aims to extends Shift’s career mode.

Changes by this mod include changes to the race length by factor five, getting rid of the very short two-lap events. The required points to level up have also been increased by the same factor to suit the new race length, the prize money awarded for new levels has been decreased to further slow down the career mode and make it more rewarding.

Xupeko points out that this mod is meant to be used with Dario Morelli’s Real Mod 2.0b, installation is as simple as overwriting some files.

Download Need for Speed Shift Pro Career Mod Here

  • IonAphis

    Nice… now if we could only get pits and tire wear….

  • NVIDIAGeek

    Yeah, can we?

  • F1Racer

    erm, I’m going to be diplomtaic here 😉
    A 3rd party mod wont add a pitting option. Obviously you need to hard-code that into the game from the start. Adding a pitting option is nothing like changing default game values. Think about it.

  • IonAphis

    I was being sarcarstic… but how did my comment get that carried away?

  • F1Racer

    I was replying to NVIDIAgeek. I pretty much agree on your comment in terms of ‘if only’.

  • kill4f00d

    Shift should have been in development for at LEAST an extra year.

  • Kortisin

    Does this mod just quintuple the lap count in races?
    Or is it both race and time trials?

  • xupeko

    Please note, that there is an updated version 1.3 beta, which you can download here

    Extract the zipped file to your NFS root directory and run the pcm_install.exe. To uninstall just run the pcm_install.exe again.

    – I removed the bonus cars from career, which I tried to add in version 1.01. It is still buggy and other modders allready trying to fix it.
    – I changed all “tap x opponents” achievements to “master all curves”, due to the fact, that it is less anoying and more simulation like.

  • NVIDIAGeek

    @F1Racer – Yeah, I thought that after I posted, my bad.

  • xupeko

    Kortisin: Does this mod just quintuple the lap count in races?
    Or is it both race and time trials?

    Time trials are about 3 times longer than original.
    3min -> 10 min
    4min -> 12 min
    5min -> 15 min

    Hotlaps, Duells and Drifts are not affected, neither races on partial tracks of the Nordschleife.

  • xupeko

    Major update to version 1.4 beta

    Fixes a critical bug of the former versions. If you have older versions installed, please uninstall them as mentioned in the readme and install 1.4 beta.

  • IonAphis

    Nice. Thanks

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