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Need for Speed Shift – Overhaul Mod 2.0 Released

Need for Speed Shift – Overhaul Mod 2.0 Released

The Overhaul Team has released a new version of their Need for Speed Shift Overhaul mod package that improve Slightly Mad Studios’ popular title to the liking of the sim racing community.

Compared to version 1.31 that was released last September, the new version comes with a vast majority of changes provided by matt2380, djotefsoup, JDougNY and lots of other contributors.


1) Many, many, many bugs have been fixed – every bugfix from Unofficial Community Patch 1.05 and several more. It turns out, Shift is actually a much better game once you get rid of a bunch of low level data bugs! 🙂

2) Practically every physics component of the game has been altered with the aim of improving basic data accuracy and in-game consistency between cars. Suspensions, engines and aerodynamics have been altered to reflect per-car and per-upgrade level changes more accurately than in the stock game. There are also many changes to default car setups and controller profiles to give better feedback and response to control input, particularly for wheel users.

3) An extremely large number of visual, audio, and gameplay tweaks have been provided by members of the Shift community, either removing outright or giving you the option to remove several other annoyances from the stock game.

The Overhaul Mod requires an unpacked version of Shift to be installed, the team has put together an extensive installation guide here.

Download Need for Speed Shift Overhaul Mod 2.0 Here

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