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Need for Speed Shift Overhaul Mod 1.31 – Released

Need for Speed Shift Overhaul Mod 1.31 – Released

Matt2380 has released a new version of his Need for Speed Shift Overhaul mod package that improve Slightly Mad Studios’ popular title to the liking of the sim racing community.

The Overhaul Mod comes with lots of changes affecting pretty much every aspect of the title, including graphics, physics, audio and AI. You can find the full list of changes in the new version below.


– choose from “Full Install” or “Update from v1.2 to v1.3”
– updated splash screen with “v1.3”
– unlocked reward, loaner and bonus cars to allow tuning and painting
– – – with a new save profile they become become available for purchase
– – – warning, make backup of your save game:
– – – if you’ve already won them they will go straight to your “My Cars garage”
– – – if your garage is full they will overwrite the last cars you’ve bought
– – – they can be sold to make space, revealing your old cars
– adjusted each driving view camera
– added several components of ZZS_MOD v1.45 by Zizhushang
– – – track physics adjustments (less bumps – especially off road)
– – – fixed some minor engine data bugs (including DLC cars)
– – – fine-tuned car damage
– added djotefsoup’s overhaul of car aerodynamics (including DLC cars)
– added RandomShift’s overhaul of McLaren F1
– more AI adjustments
– added wheel rotation options for Dodge Viper Cokezero (accidently missed it previously)
– added optional collision stutter bug fix
– added optional alternative AI by Zizhushang
– added optional alternative cockpit cam by Vectorslide

The mod requires Need for Speed Shift to be unpacked and the official 1.02 patch to be installed and is aimed at drivers using a wheel using the Pro mode.

Important: Do not install the Community Patch 1.03 after this mod, the 1.03 patch is not required!

Download Need for Speed Shift Overhaul Mod (Unpacked Version) Here

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