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Need for Speed Shift – Night Racing Mod Preview

Need for Speed Shift – Night Racing Mod Preview

A wide variety of mods for Need for Speed have already been released, adding new cars and tweaking physics, the AI as well as graphics and sounds.

Kazumi has been working on something different, adding a whole new feature to the title – Night racing!

Below is a first preview shots of his mod, showing some night-racing action at London, including working headlights for the cars.

  • 1nkz

    wow, you guys are fast, hehe…Kazumi barely posted this pic on nogrip and it’s already here

  • F1Racer

    heh, brilliant !

  • nick

    night racing is old mod it has been there
    but the working head lights which make the road glow is the new part in this mod

  • patrykmp4

    When We can see release? 😉

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