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Need for Speed Shift – New Details Revealed

Need for Speed Shift – New Details Revealed

GTSurgeons have revealed some supposedly internal-info on EA`s upcoming Need for Speed Shift title.

While some of the facts below have already been confirmed, most of these details include fresh info.

  • Physics model of NFS: Shift is based on those of “Ferrari Project”
  • Professional setting is more accurate to drive than in GTR2
  • Eero Piitulainen of Richard Burns Rally has developed totally new tyre-physics model which is mainly responsible for new physics
  • Difference between 3 physics-models is in assist levels, while lowest setting will provide around 10% of more tyre grip for beginners
  • Lots of efforts has gone into handling development so the game can be driven with controller
  • Professional setting will require wheel in order to successfully manage throttle/braking and steering inputs
  • Shift will feature different car classes – from Golf GTI up to Zonda F
  • All cars can be upgraded and tuned from inside-out
  • Most tracks are licensed European and American circuits with few non-existing tracks
  • There will be few city-circuits
  • Cockpit is the most important visual feature of the game
  • Head-physics is the key difference point to other titles

Physic-wise, Need for Speed Shift starts to sound really promising. If done right, the 3 different physic models can really make the game enjoyable both for the usual Need for Speed crowd as well as simulation enthusiasts. The fact that the pro-mode requires a wheel should be seen as a good sign and physics guru Eero Piitulainen will hopefully not sell out his soul either.

The list suggest that most circuits in the game will indeed be real, contrary to what has been shown so far. Keep in mind though, this info is not confirmed by an official source. GTSurgeons have an impressive record in revealing new details about upcoming Gran Turismo titles though, so they most likely do have some good inside-contacts.

Developed by Slightly Mad Studios (former Blimey! Games) and distributed by EA, Need for Speed Shift is expected to be released in September 2009 for the PC and all major consoles. A demo of Shift has been announced to be available this summer.

Via GTSurgeons