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Need for Speed Shift – More Details

Need for Speed Shift – More Details

Slightly Mad Studios’ Suzy Wallace, producer of the upcoming Need for Speed Shift title, sat down with to answer some questions regarding the title that is supposed to redeem EA’s track record of serious driving games.

The article includes some interesting new facts as Suzy mentions over 70 cars to be included in the new title. Need for Speed Shift will contain a dynamic time of day lightning but no weather effects such as rain.

SMS & EA keep on promising a very realistic approach as the developers hope to bring the simulation idea to a broader audience, even though some things like damage and driving physics will be made more accessible to the casual gamer:

“Shift is a bit of a departure from GTR in that’s it’s core driving model is more accessible to the average gamer, but not dumbed down at all, we’re still modelling everything that we modelled before, actually we’re modelling more than we used in GTR2. I do think the average Need for Speed gamer is going to find it a bit of a challenge, but will ultimately be more rewarding because you can feel yourself improving with the driving model.”

Still, all cars in the game have been made in close contact with the manufacturers, featuring lots of details and real life audio samples. As it could be seen on the first screenshots, Shift features many cars in semi-fictional tuning/racing trim instead of using stock cars like Gran Turismo of Forza Motorsport:

Customisation is a core feature of Need for Speed we feel and it’s something that ties us into the Need for Speed franchise.  So yeah as you can see you’re not driving standard cars.  I’m not giving details about customisation but you can see the results we’ve got at the moment, it’s very much about having these real world based tuned cars.

The full interview can be found here, Need for Speed Shift is planned to be released in fall for the PC, Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.

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