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Need for Speed Shift – First Mods Coming In

Need for Speed Shift – First Mods Coming In

With the initial buzz about the release of Need for Speed Shift slowly easing off, clever PC modders have started looking for ways to further improve Slightly Mad Studio’s newest title.

Basis for all modding is a tool named QuickBMS that allows packing and unpacking of Shift’s files. More info on the tool and support can be found in the XeNTaX forums.

One of the first guys to take advantage of the new possibilities is Tobias Kluge who has released two Need for Speed Shift mods. The first one reduces or completely removes the depth of field blur at high speeds as you can see on the comparison shots below. The second reduces the AI aggression to 55%, resulting in much cleaner racing. Optionally, the mod also reduces the grip level for those who feel that the cars in Shift are too grippy.

Those of you who are still struggling with the right settings for their wheels might want to try Techade’s FFB profile. The guys knows what he’s doing, being the author of the RealFeel plugin for rFactor. And if you have other issues with Shift, EA has posted a Q&A that provides solutions to the most common problems.

Download Need for Speed Shift Depth of Field Blur Mod Here

Download Need for Speed Shift AI Agression & Grip Mod Here

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