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Need for Speed Shift Community Patch 1.05 – Released

Need for Speed Shift Community Patch 1.05 – Released

Matt2380 has released a new version of his Need for Speed Shift community patch package that improve Slightly Mad Studios’ popular title to the liking of the sim racing community.


– Workaround for the brake bias being applied incorrectly by game UI. It unfortunately disables the slider but does allow the game to use the default value
– Reduced input lag and add damper/friction to wheel FFB
– New controller profiles to change wheel ffb (also fix bug in DFGT pedals settings)
– Disabled grip reduction on Karrussel (banked corner at Nordschleife)
– Reduced volume of tyre squeal
– Enable reverse driving to double available tracks (for hotlapping and multiplayer with friends)
– Disabled intro movies
– Unlocked pre-order bonus cars
– Reduced speed blur so you can still read dials at high speed
*** New since last version (1.031):
– Added JDougNY’s R34 Skyline and Impreza WRX STI brake disc glow fixes
– Corrected “balktorque” typo in drivetrain upgrades to “baulktorque” to fix drivetrain not upgrading properly
– Corrected uneven ride height settings for Audi R8LMS, Aston Martin DB9
– Corrected typo in Honda S2000 rear right spring range
– Corrected uneven Corvette Z06 front right spring setting
– Added “qualifying” fix to make faster AI drivers start at the front of the grid to reduce first corner pileups
– Corrected syntax error in global track LOD file
– Corrected upgrades to force inclusion of stage 4 turbo upgrades in Works conversions
– Changed statistics files for Historic (patch 1.02/DLC1) cars to correctly reflect stage 2 and stage 3 turbo upgrades
– Corrected error where AI DLC1 (patch 1.02/DLC1) cars would not produce engine sounds in unpacked games

The patch works both with unpacked and packed versions of Shift, make sure to use it with a freshly-installed 1.02 version.

Download Need for Speed Shift Community Patch 1.05 Here

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