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Need for Speed Shift 2 – Soderlund Video Interview

Need for Speed Shift 2 – Soderlund Video Interview

Two days ago, I posted a story on EA’s Patrik Soderlund, commenting on how future Need for Speed Shift title’s are aiming to become a cross-platform alternative to driving titles such as Forza Motorsport & Gran Turismo.

Here’s something to follow that up as Alan Boiston of VVV Gamer has released a very interesting video interview with Soderlund, talking about the first Shift title and how upcoming titles will be trying to please both simulation enthusiasts and more casual driving gamers.

By far the most interesting part of the video is when they discuss a major physics difference with Need for Speed Shift between early preview versions and the final product as the physics seemed to have been majorly changed before the release to suit the mass market. Since most of us never had the chance to try the “pure” pre-release physics of Shift, one can only imagine how much better the title could have been from a physics point of view.

For those who wonder, Soderlund knows his driving very well as he’s not only an EA executive but also a very accomplished race car driver, piloting a BMW Z4 GT3 in the FIA GT3 Championship and other sports car events.

Check out the video below, the interesting part on Shift starts around the 5:30 minute mark.

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