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Need for Speed Shift 2 – New Car & Track Previews

Need for Speed Shift 2 – New Car & Track Previews

More content of Slightly Mad Studios’ upcoming Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed title has been revealed as new previews show off both new tracks and cars that will be part of the massive racing title.

New track previews show the fictional Hazyview and Miyatomi circuits and, more important to fans of realistic racing, Monza and Zolder – Two major additions to Shift 2’s track lineup.

In terms of cars, Mazda has been revealed as featured manufacturer, we get to check out three different Japanese sports cars including the iconic RX-7 and the popular RX-8.

Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed will include the 2010 FIA GT1 World Championship & GT3 European Championship among lots of other racing content, new features include a new helmet camera, night racing and more realistic physics. The second Shift title will be available for the PC, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 in late March.

  • The Biff

    Amazing screenies.  The prettiest racing game ever.  πŸ˜€

  • KTM

    Really beautiful!

  • Ross Siggers

    Zolder?? was that in shift 1?

  • djotefsoup

    There were a few files hinting at its existence (as with monza and a reverse spa layout) but it wasn’t in any way a drivable track.

  • R3MaK3R

    WOW.. just look at that purple RX-7. So gooooodd.

  • M

    it looks fantastic but I’m not getting excited. I still haven’t figured out if it’s possible to enable THROTTLE BLIP on downshift in NFS Shift. No matter what mod I apply, the game won’t let me heel-toe on downshifts, which makes the game unplayable.

    The prettiest graphics in the universe can’t fix a broken game. I hope they have someone on the dev team who actually knows how race cars are driven. Or just put in auto-blip, if they wanna be pathetic.

  • lans

    Compared to gt 5 those pictures look terrible look at these random pics

    GT5>>>Need for speed shift 2 and im not lying, those gt pics blow shift away, there’s nothing prettier

  • lans

    Need for speed shift 2 is weak sauce compared to gt.

    Look at those gt pics, nothing comes close and this is user generated, when ps4 and there’s enough power no one will touch pd ever again

    after looking at those need for speed pics why do these devs insist they gonna beat gt5? i don’t understand liars and sales people honestly!!!!

  • Nismo

    Photo mode does some crazy stuff to GT and they look nothing like them shots in game. All the SHIFT2 shots are in game which do look better than GT in game

  • GT5 comparison pics


  • GT5 comparison pics

    nismo the need for speed pics are also “photomode pics” so they also spruce up existing game assets the only problem is that gt is owning them, when it comes to lighting and making cars look good.

    Need for speed cars already look plasticky in photmode which is never a good sign graphics wise!

    so  gt 5  photomode>>>>>>>>>need for speed photo mode

  • Nismo

    I’m pretty sure one of the devs stated all the SHIFT2 shots were using the actual in game cameras and no a photo mode? SHIFT2 on a PC will look amazing from what i have seen

  • More GT5 comparison pics

    Im sorry photoshop or not GT5 is looking to surpass this game visually and still run at double the frame rate and resolution almost

  • More GT5 comparison pics

    Polyphony do the exact ssame thing they just up the AA to 16X and soften the image thats it! all those assets are just as ingame as nfs!!!!

  • More GT5 comparison pics

    real or fake, the answer will suprise you!!!

    when ps4 hits gt will be closer to reality than any other dev, pd just need more power!!!

  • More GT5 comparison pics

    Gt5 comparison pics

  • Carbonfibre

    I would delete that second line you wrote before somebody else sees it. It certainly won’t swing the way you intend, although you could change it to say “more time” instead.

  • M1ST4K3

    Mate, Photo MODE in GT5 is just that… PHOTO MODE… it has a different kind of rendering… that is not in real time… When you are racing, the game is a BIG step down (specially in terms of shadows) from PHOTO MODE… (I’m not saying it’s ugly! GT5 is quite beautiful… I’ve played it once…)

    This screenshots (at least the car ones) are in real time (said by SMS)…

  • M1ST4K3

    more time, indeed πŸ˜‰

  • The Biff

    A reverse spa would be cool and very original.

  • M1ST4K3

    BTW, Montoya, would you clean the spam? 

    The post is full with lans posting pics of GT5… can’t see the point…

  • djotefsoup

    Yeah, if you thought eau rouge was scary going up, it’s a lot more so going down πŸ™‚

  • ZombieJim

    That lighting is some hell of a step forwards.

  • Montoya


    Ians, stick to the topic. Those aren’t comparison pics but random GT5 photomode shots…

    Actual comparison shots (the same car in both games from the same angle) would be interest, random GT5 shots aren’t.

  • Ross Siggers

    I think the thing people fail to see here is that SMS aren’t going down the polyphony route of 100% photorealistic graphics…they’re got a little bit of stylisation in them, and of course people are going to scream unrealistic when the pictures have a modded car in them. In their own way, the graphics in Shift 2 are incredible, and in a polyphony way…well, at least they have better shadows πŸ˜‰

  • Ross Siggers

    All I can say about this is that…whoever did THAT to that F40, and THAT to that SLS….is a monster and shouldn’t be allowed near high performance cars ever again xD

  • Ross Siggers


  • Maruf Ahmed

    I like Shift graphics and I think Shift 2 looks better. Just hoping my PC can run it. I’ve seen video comparisons of gt5, shift and forza 3 side by side and I have to say that GT5 looks best but then comes Shift 2 with greatly detailed graphics. I think GT5 wins because of its lighting in the graphics department. the day-to-night or night-to-day change looks particularly amazing. It looks natural. Thats damn impressive. Dusk time in Shift looks like they just added some yellow and orange. But I think If shift has GT5 lighting, it would look better than GT5.

    Off topic, since I dont log in much here but wanted to share this, I saw numerous vids online to notice that nurburgring lap times with the McLaren MP4-12c and Ferrari 458 Italia are about half a minute quicker in GT5 than real world lap time. The lap time with the mclaren (Shift PC mod) is similarly faster. Zonda F can also lap the north loop in less than 7 minutes in Shift. Saw a vdo on youtube of McLaren F1 lapping Top Gear test track in GT5. Lap time was close to GT1 car time. In GT5 Ferrari 458 Italia can do over 215mph and McLaren F1 struggles to reach 210.

    That got me to thinking at first after seeing the nordschliefe times that maybe the lap times are faster because you can take more risks in game than in real life so the advantage stacks up to about 30 seconds. The MP4-12c time on nordschliefe in both GT5 and Shift are similar. But then I saw the Lap time on Top Gear track. Its a short track, a little advantage should not make a McLaren F1 as fast a real world GT1 car lap time. So are the sim game makers making the right sim, or are the car manufacturer giving game devs false data. Or maybe the manufacturer data is not entirely compatible with sim game devs technology.

    Whats going on?

  • M1ST4K3

    Variables… Those are the most complicated things in EVERYTHING you may encounter in life…

    It could even be the wind! (If you were to be that thrustfull on the sim engines :D)… Nah, those are various things… Tracks have variable grip in every patch, sim ones don’t… Physics engines and tyre models (calculated in real time) are not SECONDLY refined yet… a lot of stuff may vary… Cars in real life suffer from aging, things in life are mechanical, so friction ocurs between every mechanical component of the car, developing heat, and messing with temps is not easy!! The thing is a LOT of little stuff that can«t be calculated in REAL time is being modeled (a more simple way of finding an aproximated value)… I would say you would have to give 10% of a failure value to those whole modeled calculations… And that 10% (my opinion) is what they aim to better and better each time a new model comes, etc…

    It’s really complicated, mate… Just, don’t mess with it πŸ˜› Go race… it’s more fun πŸ™‚

  • F1Racer

    GT5 comparison pics:  You are wrong, these shots are in-game and are exactly how they look when you play. 

  • SMS

    There;s no photomode tweaks or sprucing up here guys. These are shots directly from the game, as you see when you play. Our ‘photomode’ doesn’t make any additions to our render as others do. It’s cheating a bit IMO and leaves punters a bit unhappy they’re not seeing ‘that’ when they play.

  • f0xx

    If they’re comparing Shift 2 pics with GT5’s photomode pics it means that Shift 2 graphics are evolving in the right direction. πŸ™‚

  • Jos

    both of em are photoshoped though.

  • Coennulft

    yeah, it looks nice, but like all NFS titles it will just be a cheap arcade game with crap driving…. it will never reach the quality of Rfactor or Iracing… will never be a good game, no matter how beautiful it all looks, still when you drive the cars, and feel how they react, everyone, not the fanboys offcourse, will just throw the game away because of it’s stupid car behaviour… like i did with Shift, if anyone wants it, you may come and get it for free… πŸ™‚  
    such a shame actually…..

  • cxvxcvxcv
  • dave

    The question really is

    Is SMS really SMS

    from some of the commmnts posted its hard to tell

  • dave
  • Kramer

    Stop spreading crap Jos.   The Shift 2 ones are NOT Photoshopped. <-note correct spelling.
    That you think they are shows how good they are.

  • F1Racer

    The comment above yours is SMS.   So along with myself, you’ve had 2 people from SMS telling you they are not photoshopped or spruced up in any way.   Hope that’s enough to convince you.

  • M1ST4K3

    I guess it is… Probably, those last comments on the other thread were just an unhappy joke…