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Need for Speed Shift 2 Coming….Or Not?

Need for Speed Shift 2 Coming….Or Not?

Back in September 2009, Slightly Mad Studios and EA released Need for Speed Shift, pushing the franchise towards simulation-oriented gaming after years of Need for Speed arcade titles.

And even though the 2010 E3 Expo passed by without any news on a new Need for Speed from the British developer, a hot rumor started circulating the net yesterday, getting people excited about Need for Speed Shift 2.

It all started with Chris Mcclure’s LinkedIn profile in which Mcclure, former senior programmer at Slightly Mad Studios, claimed to have worked on Need for Speed Shift 2 among other titles. Following all the buzz, Mcclure has corrected his profile to only include Need for Speed Shift, stating that it was a mere typo.

Given that Mcclure was part of SMS until February 2010, he could theoretically have been involved in the early development of a Shift sequel. It remains to be seen whether this was really just a typo or a case of leaked info on an upcoming title.

  • David Wright

    Shift 2 won’t be officially announced while NFS Hot Pursuit is being publicized.

    Hopefully having dragged part of the NFS franchise in a more sim-like direction with Shift, SMS can go even further for Shift 2. I suppose it just depends on whether EA wants to take on Forza and Gran Turismo.

  • Skillcoil

    Just like what Fanatec did with FM3 they said it was just a typo.

    But if its real, then this time they must correct their mistakes. Either by making it a console sim like Race Pro or follow Forza and Gran Turismo.

    If not, then what are they doing (SMS) ?

  • Tensor

    If not, then what are they doing (SMS) ?

    They learn…
    to program an AI
    what a useful multiplayer mode looks like
    to kick shitty console menus
    to do proper car physics
    the difference between sim and arcade
    to decide if their game wants to be sim or arcade
    to treat all customers equal
    to bring features like replay saving, hotlap saving and ghost mode
    what pits are
    what pit stops are

    when they have done this, they may program a useful piece of code.

  • WetWesley

    stop with releasing an NFS every goddamn 7 months, instead make xpensions or something

  • Tensor

    NFS Shift can’t be rescued with an expansion

  • kill4f00d

    Please don’t do it EA… Let SMS make their own sim…

  • WetWesley

    Tensor: NFS Shift can’t be rescued with an expansion

    Well it cant be rescued either by releasing a new NFS every six months…

  • David Wright

    Well it cant be rescued either by releasing a new NFS every six months…

    EA have split the NFS franchise to attract different people. Shift is the variant which is more sim oriented. Hot Persuit is aimed at a more traditional NFS audience. Each variant is being done by a different developer. I’ve read Shift will be released on a two year cycle.

  • Tensor

    Shift is nothing more than an arcade racer that wants to fool sim racers to play it, too. Make it a sim or make it an arcade racer, but don’t mix up those two kind of racing game so it suits nobody. hybrids can everything, but nothing good.

  • carbonfibre

    ^ This ^

    Shift obviously wasn’t simulation enough to break into our niche, which is a shame. EA need to take this new, as they describe “hardcore” market seriously and stop with the anti-discrimination business law against casual morons…. players, who don’t like to use the brake pedal. Sim’s arean’t friendly to arcade players, because arcade isn’t sim.

    If the franchise is attacking different audiences now they better make those boundaries clear and solid, down to the game play and not just the graphics.

    Back on topic, maybe it was text-speak and he put Shift 2 instead of I worked on Shift too? 😆

  • qawaza

    Hardcore Sim or not. Just stop this semi-hardcore/arcadish rubbish. Just give us a carsim like we should drive it. Not this rubbish about user experience etc…NFS is simply the worst title i have ever played. I can’t believe after all these years I am still stuck with GTR2, RBR & GPL. You guys are very crazy rather then slightly mad to have done such a title for EA. while we all still awaiting that Ferrari project or something….jeezz…i am mad already.

  • jonneymendoza

    Give me GTR3 for fucksakes

  • -eRNIe-

    Hint for EA: Hire some promising modder like Julien Regnard aka Juls, the maker of the Sharp Tires Mod. Then Shift2 will be the sim that Ian Bell has promised us for Shift(1).

    BTW …. Shift has a fantastic graphics and physics engine (under the hood) and this great potential should not been wasted. I’m looking forward if the annoncement of Shift 2 is coming true.

  • Rooster

    I’d rather see Underground 3 than Shift 2. Yes, the Underground series was a bit arcadish, but at least it’s not a sim joke like Shi(f)t. 😐

  • David Wright

    Tensor: Make it a sim or make it an arcade racer, but don’t mix up those two kind of racing game so it suits nobody.

    You are so wrong 🙂 Don’t assume everyone feels like you. Shift suited enough people for 4 million copies to be sold.

  • Tensor

    and that has, of course, nothing to do with the fact that console players don’t know what a sim is, and don’t see the problems of the terrible multiplayer mode, because they are used to all the shit shift stands for.
    and for sure it has nothing to do with the fact that it is a NFS and all the fanboys bought it, regardless what kind of game it is.
    if you think shift hasn’t failed, then tell me why EA decided to go back to the roots and bring out hot persuit? oh yeah, sure because shift worked so well for them.

  • djotefsoup

    Um, I’m not sure how you think the business works, but they didn’t sit on their arses after Shift came out and suddenly decide to make an HP game. They decided on a 3-tiered approach long before any of the new NFS’s came out (there’s also World, the MMO-style game coming out soon). Using multiple development studios to make different styles of the same general “brand” is something most of the larger publishers are into, and the lead-up time is about 2-3 years from concept to product.

  • JAGUAR1977

    Becasuse it was always planned to release these 2 distinct versions of NFS every other year similar to what they are doing with Fight Night and MMA.

    Shift was a very good title but saddled with bugs that let down the whole experience.

    SMS now has 12-18 months to fine tune the physics, features and such and I wouldn’t bet against it being a fine title.

    Tensor:if you think shift hasn’t failed, then tell me why EA decided to go back to the roots and bring out hot persuit? oh yeah, sure because shift worked so well for them.

  • Firestarter

    I don`t like consolified games, ruins the whole experience even if the graphics/physics engine is above average.

  • pez2k

    Tensor: if you think shift hasn’t failed, then tell me why EA decided to go back to the roots and bring out hot persuit? oh yeah, sure because shift worked so well for them.

    If you think NFS Hot Pursuit 2 didn’t fail, then tell me why EA decided to change the game completely and bring out Underground? If you think NFS Carbon didn’t fail, then tell me why EA decided to change the game completely and bring out ProStreet? Oh wait, HP2 and Carbon are regarded as two of the best NFS games, and there are four totally different NFS series. NFS World, NFS Shift, NFS HP3 and NFS Nitro were all being developed simultaneously for different target markets. Your argument is heavily flawed, it’s like saying GTL was rubbish because Simbin / Blimey ‘went back to their roots’ and made GTR2 instead of GTL2.

    As for Shift, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yeah, maybe the tyre grip curve of an SLR Stirling Moss isn’t quite exactly the same as that, and maybe Silverstone doesn’t have a tent right there right now, but when it comes down to it I’m driving a pretty realistic chop-top McLaren around Silverstone. I like a bit of feel to the traction limits, unlike a lot of rFactor and GTR2 tyres that have quite a sharp edge to them, and I don’t see anything in Shift that’s totally realism-crushing that can’t be easily fixed. Don’t like the extra tents? Gone. Don’t like the rear-biased brakes? Fixed. I played Shift and found it way too flashy and cluttered, so I got rid of the effects and enjoyed it.

    I just don’t see the militantly anti-Shift mentality a lot of people have. What, did you expect an EA-published NFS title to not have flashy effects and optional arcade assists? Did you expect a game about street car sprint races to feature 3D pit crew and 24-hour endurance? I just don’t see how everyone got slighted by EA releasing an NFS game that’s on par with established ‘sims’ in regard to physics. Yeah, the values put into that engine got a few tweaks for playability, but… so what? If fictionalised physics are such a crime, then you should abhor rFactor for its fake cars, and GTR2 for its inaccurate aero, and GPL for its weird bounces, and…

  • Afterbirth

    Because it would appear you a have good sim dev being led by a massmarket publisher and its being posted on a hardcore sim website.

    And as far as sims go thats usually a waste.

  • djotefsoup

    Imagine if you’re a sweaty basement nerd and one of your old pals goes on to become incredibly attractive, incredibly successful and incredibly popular with critics and the public. Imagine your personal development is totally stunted, your outlook resentful, your narcissism immense and all encompassing.

    Shift is about the most horrible thing any of these guys could possibly imagine happening. It can’t be right.

    In order to hold up this world-view the 40,000-100,000 people or so who still sim on PC, subscribe to iRacing or still buy SimBin games have to retreat from causality entirely, everyone else has to be wrong. Everyone. All 4 million of them. All the critics. All the console owners. All the news sites. All the reviewers. They’d rather the entire world be corrupt and ignorant than ever admit that the last time they were reverent was about 6 years ago and the entire world has passed them by.

    Or, you know, maybe they just don’t like it. But I like the first version better.

  • djotefsoup

    Er, relevant. Stupid spellcheck. But the other way works too.

  • carbonfibre

    That’s right, it’s the general “noob-ification” of all games, not just sims that really pisses me off.

    I have to go out of my way and lower my sights to the bottom of the popularity list to find something worth of a challenge or anything that’s re-playable and still enjoyable.

    I am the opposite of what the industry wants.

    Good physics is a challenge to developers, I am also part of a niche audience. To top it off, they also have to gamble all their funds on one game because they can’t sell me a play once and trash game then expect me to ready my cash again for the next five minutes of fun.

    These are depressing times were fans fight over the last scraps we have. :sd: