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Need for Speed Shift 2 Coming….Or Not?

Need for Speed Shift 2 Coming….Or Not?

Back in September 2009, Slightly Mad Studios and EA released Need for Speed Shift, pushing the franchise towards simulation-oriented gaming after years of Need for Speed arcade titles.

And even though the 2010 E3 Expo passed by without any news on a new Need for Speed from the British developer, a hot rumor started circulating the net yesterday, getting people excited about Need for Speed Shift 2.

It all started with Chris Mcclure’s LinkedIn profile in which Mcclure, former senior programmer at Slightly Mad Studios, claimed to have worked on Need for Speed Shift 2 among other titles. Following all the buzz, Mcclure has corrected his profile to only include Need for Speed Shift, stating that it was a mere typo.

Given that Mcclure was part of SMS until February 2010, he could theoretically have been involved in the early development of a Shift sequel. It remains to be seen whether this was really just a typo or a case of leaked info on an upcoming title.

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