Nazareth Speedway for rFactor 2 – First Preview Video

ethone has released a first preview video of his Nazareth Speedway track project for rFactor 2.

Nazareth was a very popular oval racing facility in the United States that hosted both stock car and Indycar competition.

The real track was closed and demolished in 2004 so ethone is creating a semi-ficitional version of the track how it would look today, sporting the exact same 0.946 mile layout.

  • Steve Smlth

    They left out the most interesting feature of Nazareth: it was one of the very few U.S. ovals with elevation changes (Phoenix is the only other I can think of).

    • Anonymous

      Don’t judge too early… 😉


    really love someone has made this track. on other hand it looks like this was made for ea f1 challenge 1998 isi engine. but still fact that you made this is 100 thumbs up.

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