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NASCAR The Game 2011 – First Preview Screenshots

NASCAR The Game 2011 – First Preview Screenshots

Following the first details & render released earlier today, the first batch of preview screenshots of Eutechnyx’s NASCAR The Game 2011 title are available.

The shots show off some of the promised very in-depth damage model, a very detailed garage area, NASCAR-style pit stops and quite atmospheric tracks such as Phoenix International Raceway and Martinsville.

Developed by Eutechnyx & published by Activision, NASCAR The Game 2011 will include the 2010 & 2011 (post-release download) NASCAR Sprint Cup seasons. Features include a very detailed damage model, career mode & 16-player multiplayer mode. The title will be available for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 & Nintendo Wii starting February 2011.

  • Luiz

    PC PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :'(

  • felipe

    🙂 =PS3

  • Oggy

    The last good NASCAR console game was Nascar Thunder 2004. I doubt many of you have played it, since it was released the same year as NR2003, but oh man was that a good game.

    First, you had nearly 300 cars….maybe more. The top 35 drivers in the 2003 season all had at least 4 alternate paint schemes. Bobby Labonte and Tony Stewart had pretty much all liveries they’ve ran since 1998. Along with 60 fantasy drivers you could unlock by creating a driver named “Extra Drivers”, over 10 Legend cars, and 12 Busch series cars. Career mode lasted 20 seasons, drivers could retire, or sign contracts and swap to different teams. In one game, Earnhardt Jr. ended up driving the #9 car after Bill Elliot retired. And on top of the 50+ sponsors you could get to put on your custom car, you could also get MASSIVE deals to drive the real cars. I drove Sterling Marlins car for about 3 seasons.

    The AI was fucking awesome. Yeah, it wasn’t realistic, but having all your “allies” fight all your “rivals”, cars cutting across the track to wreck you… It made driving in circled FUN. And even if you didn’t like circles, there were just as many road courses. Most tracks had a fantasy infield course, and there were already some totally fantasy road courses thrown in there. Oh, and don’t forget tiburon speedway with 240+ MPH races.

    If activision can make the game like Thunder 2004, they’re gonna have a winner.

  • Trebor901

    the damage makes it look suspiciously like its just the same game engine that the EA ones used

  • jimmy

    Looks almost like Codemasters’ engine IMHO (but worse).

  • F1Racer


  • stabiz

    I think it looks like iRacing on the lower settings, but with added brown and some blur. Lots of brown.

  • Montie

    Too bad there won’t be a PC version… 🙁

  • jpmjpm

    Going left for hours. It’s not fun.

  • R.E.M.

    Very true. The cars don’t really have the paint scraped to metal when the rub against each other. The liveries on the cars are all stickers. They just kind of melt together.

  • bob

    Thank god there isn’t.

  • Mitch

    Pointless comment.

  • maddy

    looks good for a GAME 😉

    dont want to emphasise on that but the surroundings and the life on the pitroad look good!

  • _Sy

    Taken from this article:

    VG247: Can you explain why there’s no PC version?
    Dave Thompson: The lack of retail space for PC currently means it’s tough to justify the costs of development for traditional distribution. Nevertheless, we have something up our sleeves that should satisfy the legions of dedicated PC racers – watch this space.

  • felipe

    hes talking about ACR

  • eric

    why not no ps2??

  • Mike Oppenheimer

    because the Ps3 has been out for FOUR Years. You really dont expect them to make a version of a game for a ststem that wil habebeen out-dated for 5 years…?

  • Oggy

    I find it horrible to see people ask if a game is coming out for the PS2. It’s even worse on the new Monster Jam game’s facebook page. So many parents asking OH MY GOD THIS LOOKS AMAZING IS IT OUT ON PS2????

    The Wii and PS2 are 4 years old. The 360 is 5, almost 6. Why haven’t you gotten a new console yet?

  • jack mehoff

    auto club revolution doesnt sound very appealing at all

  • Mark

    I can assure you the engine is nothing to do with EA, its an evolution of previous Eutechnyx engines, the damage engine itself is brand new built from the ground up especially for this project.

  • stephen300o

    Why no Megadrive version?

  • magicalgin

    hmmm this or GT5 NASCAR,, difficult choice.. 


  • stephen300o

    Your right there, GT5 only has a few token cars and tracks, while this one has a full grid of all cars, drivers and tracks, as you say a no brainer.

  • lans

    but unlike gt5 what do you do when get bored of driving of a circle?
    even if the game has 300 cars on trak with mad graphics i will fall asleep in 15 minutes, so i dont mind nascar when i play with noob friends, but as a main feature hell no!

  • Daniel


  • bouncebackability

    why the whinging about nascar itself. if you dont like nascar, you wont like the game, pretty simple really, move on…

  • stephen300o

    I think GT5s variety can go against it, jack of all trades master of none.
    If you get bored of driving in a circle, you put different disc in the machine. 🙂

  • jack mehoff
  • Glenn

    looks way nicer then iracings dover which looks all silverish for some reason.