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NASCAR 09 – XBOX 360 Demo Out

NASCAR 09 – XBOX 360 Demo Out

XBOX 360 users can now download a playable demo of NASCAR 09, EA Sports newest NASCAR franchise offspring.

The demo weighs 590MB and lets you try two different tracks, the full game is planned to be released on June 10th. Since I don’t own a XBOX 360, maybe some of you who own one can share their opinion on the demo in the comments 🙂

Edit: Erale points out that the demo is only available in the US/Canada. If you´re not from Northern America, you have to open up a US-account to download the demo.

  • ApeX

    It’s only available in the US&A en Canada 😉

  • Trebor901

    Its also for Gold customers only which is a load of bull. Soon they’ll force you to have Gold which is £40 for a year (rip off) when PS3 is free and you have web browser and everything. Microsoft and Xbox is a joke and i now give up with it.

  • erale

    It’s only for few days gold member exclusive. Also you can use a trial gold code and download the demo.

    Don’t see the problem. Paying customers get the demo a few days earlier. Sad that so many people expect that any service should be free…

  • Trebor901

    well Sony manage to make it free and provide from what ive heard a much better and much more reliable service.

  • Anonymous

    Go buy a PS3 then and get over it?

  • Raikku

    They say that they release game for Europeans too, but how they thinks that we would buy it if we don’t get the demo?


  • F1Racer

    Agreed Raikku. WTH are they thinking by restricting game demos to the USA ? Just becuase NASCAR is a US racing genre does NOT mean that sim racers all over the world won’t have an interest. The success of NR2003 should tell them that.

    Stupid decision. Im not buying the game without trying the demo first and it was one I was looking forward to trying.
    Fire the marketing guy who made that decision.

  • Trebor901

    ive got Nascar 08 and if its anything like that it will be stupidly dissapointing

  • DEIMusgrave

    Console racing games have always been disappointing, and its to bad they have all the resources that they need at there finger tips and they waste it on gay I candy!

    Pc sim racing is where its at, unless you are into the arcade racing style. They have no competition either EA has the console market and thats why they don’t attempt PC versions cause they know that NascarRacing 2003 Season for Papyrus is still better than what they make today.