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Mugello for netKar Pro – Version 0.9 Preview Video

Mugello for netKar Pro – Version 0.9 Preview Video

Radiator Springs Racing has made very impressive progress with their Mugello for netKar Pro track project, showing it off in a new preview video.

The video shows several laps around the circuit as the scratch-made track is shaping up to look every bit as good as netKar Pro’s stock circuits.

Located near Florence, the current 15-corner layout of the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello was opened in 1974. The track hosts annual rounds of the MotoGP and DTM touring car series and is used as a Formula One testing venue, mainly by the Scuderia Ferrari.

  • Nathan Addis

    Is this the version of Mugello that we will see used for Ferrari’s Virtual Academy? They are very tight to release date if it is!

  • Explosive Face

    No, this is a mod that’s been in development for a while for netKar Pro. Ferarri are going to release their own laser-scanned version for FVA.

  • Sakazura

    this game is arcade ..  :'(

  • GeraArg

    This is the best open wheel simulator out there…

  • dalibor

    some might argue this, but definitely one of the best open wheel sims 😀 .
    arcade? where are you from man….WoW?

  • Moose

    Sakazura has gotta be trolling.  

  • Moose

    Sakazura has gotta be trolling.  

  • Moose

    Sakazura has gotta be trolling.  

  • Radiator Springs Racing Team

    No this is a scratch made track developed by Radiator Springs Racing Team. You can find here more informations and pictures about our track.    After few months of inactivity, we finally have some time to spend on the development of the track, to refine and to improve the last bits.    We are planning to create a first public release shortly.   Our track is a completely different project from FVA.  Our track is not laser scanned, obviously, and we haven’t even ever been on the real track. Despite this we tried to be as accurate as we could, gathering informations and checking tons and tons of pictures and videos, and trying to replicate even the small details on our model.   

  • Pete

    Looks very impressive. Lots of nice little bumps too 😀 Look forward to driving it!

  • migf1

    Looking forward for this 🙂

  • alex

    Ca à l’air génial, mais je trouve les vibreurs beaucoup trop large par rapport à la réalité…

  • GTEvo

    very nice Trackmodeling.
     Only the diffuse “Spinat with the Blubb” ColourKey..(same as iRacing) let this Ambiente looking like the “good old” F 2001 Times^^.

    Achja..and offcourse the unspectaculary StandardCam need an Update^^ pretty sure we see both Tracks converted in rF2 later..this one and FVAs One^^


  • Radiator Springs Racing Team

    Thanks for your post and suggestions.

    I will exclude that our track will ever go in rF2, though. Our track is made for nKPRO, and we are not planning to release it for any other sim, for now. We  will not authorize any conversion, at least not for now.
    I guess it will be the same for FVA (unless converters want to have trouble with Ferrari’s lawyers).

    About the texture and lightning, what you see in this video is a beta version assembled in a short time just for testing purposes. We are currently working on a new release with completely new textures. I’m sure you will notice the difference. 

    About cameras, we will release more than one camera sets, and users can create their own too using the standard nktools (KOFLite).

  • alex

    The track look soo great!! But the “curbs” are too large… you can see the difference in this video:

    The curbs are way too large in you track don’t you think?

  • Radiator Springs Racing Team

    Check this video. I think it’s easier to compare similar cars.
    I did a comparison using similar views, and it looks fine to me. use the car dimension as a reference. prospective and fov are different.

    We are currently working on some missing curbs/curbs extensions.

  • Empty

    The sim racing community needs more modders who are willing and able to create high quality tracks from scratch. Well done.

  • Alex

    Ok, this one looks good… but in the abarth video, the other ones looks a lot smaller than yours… but maybe it’s only an optical illusion..

  • Radiator Springs Racing Team

    which corner for example? we will check it.

  • alex

    Turn number 2, it seems the abarth can be almost entirely on the curbs… but as I said, maybe it’s only an opitcal illusion! You did a GREAT work guys!!

  • Radiator Springs Racing Team

    Here is a comparison at Luco (T2). Once more the fov is a bit different. We checked the size of all kerbs using some data we found on the net. I think it should be pretty accurate.