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MotoPC Hydraulic Sim Brake – Photos

MotoPC Hydraulic Sim Brake – Photos

While most regular sim racers would consider pedals from manufacturers such as VPP or ECCI to be professional grade, some sim racers are looking for something to provide even more realism such as MotoPC a kit which adds a hydraulic braking system to the pedal set.

Made of over 100 parts, the hydraulic sim brake gives these pedal sets the feel of a real car brake. Almost everything can be adjusted, including pedal stiffness, travel and pressure – Which is controlled using a dedicated controller. The system can even be combined with a vibration motor for additional feedback. Of course, all this high tech does not come cheap as the hydraulic sim brake kit sells for around 500€, provided you allready own one of the supported pedal sets.

Below are some photos of the very impressive mechanics, mounted to a VPP and ECCI pedal set. Pedals from more manufacturers will be supported in the future, more informantion can be found on MotoPC’s German website.

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