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More on the A1GP rFactor Pro Simulator

More on the A1GP rFactor Pro Simulator

Back in February, I posted a first story on the A1GP simulator that is powered by rFactor Pro. While the A1GP series future is in somewhat of a doubt, it’s simulator has set a new standard in terms of giving new teams and drivers time to practice and learn – Thanks to rFactor Pro.

The latest print issue of Race Tech Magazine includes an interesting article on the simulator that discloses further details on the simulator. Run and built by All In Sports, the man responsible for the simulator is former Ferrari, Mclaren & Red Bull employee Anton Stipinovich. Stipinovich was also responsible for the electronics system of the real Ferrari A1GP car and his knowledge allowed the simulator to come closer to the real deal than most systems world wide.

The A1GP simulator uses the same Magneti Marelli Marvel 8 ECU as the real A1GP car. The simulator is connected to the Magneti Marelli WinTax4 data analysis system and Vision4 for calibration. These two systems allow the engineers to simulate anything from a complete race weekend to certain scenarios such as dropping oil pressure to give drivers the chance to practice such situations. That makes the simulator a perfect place to train drivers, engineers or try new set-ups, without ever driving on a real track.

The article also includes some interesting tidbits on rFactor Pro itself as Stipinovich notes that the A1GP simulator is the first outside of Formula One to use the recent upgrade of rFactor Pro. Sadly, no other clues on which F1 organisations are using rF Pro are given, the system however meets all requirements as it’s designed to work with McLaren Electronic System’s vTag, System Monitor & ATLAS data analysis systems – Industry standards in Formula One.

If you ever doubted that rFactor Pro is much more than just a revamped version of rFactor, these detail should convince you that the product is named pro for a good reason.

Via Race Tech Magazine