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More On Codemasters Formula One License & Future Plans

More On Codemasters Formula One License & Future Plans

Two days ago, I posted a short story on Codemasters’ plans to release a Formula One-themed browser game following the successful launch of F1 2010.

Now, a new interview with Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens has surfaced, revealing that the company isn’t stopping there to make use of their Formula One license. Adding to F1 2011 and the browser game, Codemasters plans to release Formula One titles for mobile devices and a title aimed at “very young children”.

While that is certainly not very exciting news for sim racers, the interview with MCV also reveals that Codemasters hold the Formula One license until (and including) the 2012 season, the recent commercial success of F1 2010 will most likely result in more than one bidder when the time comes to extend the contract.

  • HollyPolly

    Their F1 license expires atfer the 2011 season, not 2012 🙂

  • Magnum50

    Typical Codemaster’s… milk a license, take our money and run to the next project. They support nothing, releasing a patch that broke more then it fixed. F1 2010 was a success because they advertise well, the product is sub-standard, and I’m willing to bet 2011 won’t be such a success. (at least I hope we simmers can send a message to Codemaster’s by not buying 2011 without a fixed 2010.)

  • Wesley

    ‘and a title aimed at “very young children”’

    Didnt they do that enough already with the incredibly easy F1 2010?

  • AC

    Mabee they could fix the first one? Just a thought….

  • Peter

    After iRacing launched the Williams F1, I have not even started the F1 2010….iRacing rules!!! 😎

  • fake name

    “It’s not inconceivable to say that we send out a Formula One game that’s not complete – maybe it’s got six tracks”, Cousens told “Then they have to buy their next track, and you follow it around the world. When you turn up in Abu Dhabi you have to pay for the circuit, and whatever the changes are to the cars that are put through. That, I think, would deal with a lot of it, and also address the pre-owned.”

  • rich1701

    I hope someone makes a decent F1 manager game soon 

  • Free2game

    Why not license it out to multiple publishers.

  • RKipker

    I agree with most… they keep announcing all what they’re gonna do and claiming complete success and we all know the game was OK… until they attempted to fix it with crappie a$$ patch!

    WTF… developing a game for young children… the 2009 game were for them right.. a PSP thing!

    This has been handled so badly I will likely pass on Dirt 3 until it’s released in some mega deal at steam in 2012.