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More On Codemasters Formula One License & Future Plans

More On Codemasters Formula One License & Future Plans

Two days ago, I posted a short story on Codemasters’ plans to release a Formula One-themed browser game following the successful launch of F1 2010.

Now, a new interview with Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens has surfaced, revealing that the company isn’t stopping there to make use of their Formula One license. Adding to F1 2011 and the browser game, Codemasters plans to release Formula One titles for mobile devices and a title aimed at “very young children”.

While that is certainly not very exciting news for sim racers, the interview with MCV also reveals that Codemasters hold the Formula One license until (and including) the 2012 season, the recent commercial success of F1 2010 will most likely result in more than one bidder when the time comes to extend the contract.

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