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More Fanatec BMW Products Coming?

BMW Motorsport has just unveiled their brand new BMW M4 GT3 car that will start on-track competition in 2021 and while that sounds like an exciting piece of news for a motorsports blog, it dosen’t really concern VirtualR, right? Not so fast…

Watchful of observers of the first M4 GT3 photos will notice something interesting on the lower-side skirts of the car: A Fanatec logo!

Alongside other partner logos from automotive suppliers such as Akrapovic, Shell H&R, the German sim racing hardware experts are shown, suggesting that the company has become a significant partner of BMW Motorsport to be showcased on the launch livery of a brand new race car.

Fanatec’s partnership with BMW Motorsport seems to be brand new, so new that the company isn’t even listed among BMW Motorsport’s partners on their website yet.

So, what might this mean for sim racers? Fanatec has historically always maintained close relationships to car manufacturers, particularly Porsche, relationships that have often resulted in branded products (like the Porsche 911 GT3 R rim I just posted about earlier today) so we might be able to look forward to a similar BMW-licensed product down the road – BMW M4 GT4 Steering wheel anyone?

This wouldn’t even be the first time that Fanatec introduces a BMW Motorsport-themed product as veteran sim racers will surely remember the BMW M3 GT2 Clubsport wheel rim that was the second ever rim to be introduced for the Clubsport wheel base all the way back in 2011 – And that is available for purchase until this very day.

Nine years is a long time ago and race car wheel rims have changed significantly in terms of design and functionality in the meantime, making a new BMW M4 GT3 rim a product that would make a lot of sense!

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