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More Black Friday Simulation Deals

More Black Friday Simulation Deals

Yesterday’s iRacing Black Friday offer proved to be rather popular and here a few other offers for those of you looking to make a bargain with some simulations.

EA has lowered the price for the PC version of Need for Speed Shift by 30% to $34.95 until November 30th. This offer is only valid for the digital download version of Shift, click here for more info.

If you´re more into oval racing, The Sim Factory’s offer could interest you as their ARCA RE/MAX simulation sells for $39.99 (one license) or $49.99 (two licenses) until the end of December – More info here.

And finally, even though it’s no simulation by any means, Codemasters has lowered the price for Race Driver GRID on Steam, the title now sells for less than five Euros. If you enjoy fancy graphics and crashes or want to complete your collection, the offer can be found here.

Update: The price for GRID on Steam is back to 19,99€, looks like it was only a very short sale.

  • toivonen

    Hi, if that’s true than dollar must had a big rise since a few hours, cause i see it for 49,95 Euros (
    Or am i seeing wrong?!

  • sloeri

    yeah… see the same unfortunately.
    30% discount would make it worth checking out for me. 🙂

  • GonZo

    Cannot find it lower than 49,95 Euros 🙁
    Also Grid for 5 dollar? Cannot find it :shame:

  • DW

    Since “Black Friday” is a US-only “custom” it wouldn’t surprise me if these “Black Friday” deals are only applicable to the US.

  • sloeri

    DW: Since “Black Friday” is a US-only “custom” it wouldn’t surprise me if these “Black Friday” deals are only applicable to the US.

    could be very likely.
    lucky that iRacing didn’t think like that 🙂

  • Montoya

    DW: Since “Black Friday” is a US-only “custom” it wouldn’t surprise me if these “Black Friday” deals are only applicable to the US.

    Not completely true. Even though Black Friday started out in the US, it has made its way to Europe too as several retailers here in Germany had special deals today too.

    About the Shift discount: Can one of the US readers confirm wheter or not the price is listed on the US site? It keeps forcing into the German shop which does not have the reduced price, their announcement said nothing about a limit to the North American store though.

    The GRID rebate deal seems to have ended, it was active yesterday as I visted the Steam Shop and the game was sold for 4,99€, it’s back to the old price now though.

  • g1295893

    Yes, the US EA Store site (still) shows the price for NFS as $34.96. Presumably you could also use a coupon from entering the Wendy’s Big Score promotion to drop the price another $5. But you’d still end up with a digital copy that you’re only allowed to download for one year, and only via the horrid EADM interface. Considering several retailers had the boxed edition for the same price on Black Friday, it’s not such a great deal. But it’s hard to imagine EA undercutting their own distributors and retailers.

    The Steam sale is a five-day-long, one-day-only sale. They’re selling a set of games for one day only, but then doing a different set the next day, 5 times over. The games change at 8:00 AM PST (Valve/Steam’s local time), and GRID was part of Thursday’s sale. It’s always possible that there will be another driving game in the two remaining days (Sunday and Monday), so you might want to check back at , but there’s nothing today either. I picked up Star Wars KOTOR for $2.50 yesterday, so I’m not too disappointed :sd:. If you’re a fan of RTSes, the pack of pretty much everything THQ makes for $50 isn’t too bad either…

    Speaking of sims on Steam, US Amazon seems to have finally dropped the price of Race On to $22, almost as cheap as GTRe was when it first came out. Being it’s the US version, it’s the standalone box including Race 07, just like GTRe was. I don’t think it’s part of the Black Friday sales, but it did happen on Thanksgiving, so it’s always possible it will go back up after the weekend.