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Montjuïc Street Circuit for rFactor & GTR2 – Released

Montjuïc Street Circuit for rFactor & GTR2 – Released

motorfx has released another historical track for ISI-based simulations, bringing the infamous Montjuïc street circuit to rFactor and GTR2.

Based on the version for Grand Prix Legends, the track has been equipped with some new objects, 3d lamps and GTR2-specific features such as animated marshalls and wet weather reflections.

Located on the Montjuïc mountain in the Spanish city of Barcelona, the 3.8 kilometer Montjuïc Street Circuit has gone down in history as one of Formula One’s most spectacular and dangerous tracks. The track hosted the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix since 1969, a tragic accident during the 1975 edition of the Grand Prix killed five spectators and caused the circuit to be dropped from the F1 calendar.

Download Montjuïc Street Circuit for rFactor Here

Download Montjuïc Street Circuit for GTR2 Here

  • Slimjim

    you may want to test the one that has been out for over a year.. it has much nice textures.

  • Philip Oakley

    Brilliant! Always wanted this track! Thanks motorfx!

  • logos

    Here is a link to the GTL version of the track:

    Thanks for the great track, motorfx!

  • CrippleHorse

    On the other hand, you’re not exactly sharing that one openly, as far as I know. Granted, yours looks slightly better, mainly due to tree/treewall textures on this one and the fact that you removed those painted shadows from the road, but this looks better in terms of lighting and some buildings, although I’m not pefrectly sure since I’ve ended up with a hybrid containing some of culmonne’s textures minus the road that he keeps using everywhere and some other stuff. My point is that if you three got together and combined the best of your efforts, it would definately look better 🙂

  • JGoenR


  • Riches

    Having some variation in the trees would help a lot to get the looks a bit more up.

  • jpmjpm

    Wanna try it! Looks exciting.

  • sosman

    Wow first time trying out this track & its awesome!

  • Aritra Kimi Majumdar

    the nogripracing link is dead.
    any new download link for the rfactor version?