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MMG Announces BTCC 1998 Mod

MMG Announces BTCC 1998 Mod

Following their initial announcement of expanding their modding activities to GTR Evolution, MMG has now unveiled plans to start a BTCC 1998 mod exclusively for RACE07/GTR Evolution.

“It is a real pleasure to re-create the 1998 BTCC Season which is also my favourite BTCC season to date. I think the community will also be happy to know that they will receive a BTCC championship sometime in 2009 to enjoy within Race07/GTR Evolution,” Petros Mak of MMG said in their official forum over at

“I believe this mod will bring back a lot of memories of when players used to spend countless of hours in Toca 2 on the PSOne. Its about time that we see a BTCC championship to the quality Race07/GTR Evolution has to offer. I can only hope that the community will enjoy the end result when it comes forth.”

The mod will contain all drivers and cars of the 1998 British Touring Car Championship and is expected to be released sometime in 2009.

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