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Mercedes CLC Dream Testdrive – Released

Mercedes CLC Dream Testdrive – Released

After BMW’s M3 Challenge made by Blimey! and the Lexus IS F simulator based on rFactor, Mercedes joins the bandwagon by releasing a game along with their new CLC 350 road car.

The 103mb game developed by Team6 features the Mercedes CLC 350 in several colors which can be raced on several fictional tracks located in London. You can either race against the AI or submit your time to the online leaderboard to win a real test drive.

The Dream Testdrive turns into a nightmare immediatley though as Mercedes’ game is nothing like the two mentioned examples above. The game comes with fixed resolution at 1024×786, mediocre graphics and physics and extremely stupid AI. Cockpit view? Not existent. If you like arcade fun or consider yourself to be a die hard Mercedes fan you should definitely try it though.

Download Mercedes CLC Dream Testdrive Here

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