Mercedes Benz 300SLR Coupe for AC – New Previews

SandroX has released new previews of his Mercedes Benz 300SLR Coupe modding project for Assetto Corsa.

The new previews show the progress on the modeling and mapping side of the iconic German coupe, which is being worked on in two different specifications as you can see below.

Based on the Mercedes Benz 300SLR that dominated sports car racing in 1955, the coupe version was designed by Rudolf Uhlenhaut, Mercedes Benz’ head of competition department who used the car for his daily work commute.

Two examples of the 300 SLR Coupe were build and Mercedes planned to enter it in sports car racing competition, the 1955 Le Mans tragedy ended the car’s competition career before it even started though.

  • Jovica Ilic

    Art on wheels

  • Leynad

    Why you don´t make more news about finished or polished mods like the new Lake Louise with a big update or this new 1988 Mclaren MP4/4 mod from last week?

  • noroardanto

    Sandrox creating mods from scratch is a dream come true.. can’t wait for the final results!

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