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Meet Simfunding – A Sim Racing Crowd-Funding Platform

A brand new sim racing-centric crowd funding platform is about to be launched – Simfunding.

Crowdfunding has become one of the biggest tech-trends in recent years with platforms such as Kickstarter having become very popular for big & small entrepreneurs to gather financing for their ideas.

While the sim racing world is no stranger to crowd-funding either thanks to Slightly Mad Studios’s World of Mass Development portal that allowed the studio to develop an AAA racing title without involving a big publisher, there’s a new platform on the horizon, aiming to help sim racers fund their projects – Simfunding.

The soon-to-be-launched platform wants to help fund every sim-racing related endeavor, be it hardware or software

While the website currently does not hold much info until it is fully launched, the creators have published an interesting interview with Mak Corp’s Petros Mak.

The idea behind the portal holds a lot of promise as there are plenty of sim racers out there who could make good use of funding to get their ideas of the ground, especially the many innovative DIY hardware builders.

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