Mak Touring Car Legends – New Previews

Mak Corp have released new previews of their massive Touring Car Legends project for rFactor 2.

The previews show the Australian Touring Car Championship Ford Falcon in various liveries.

The mod will bring iconic touring cars from various series such as the WTCC, ETCC, DTM, BTCC as well as Japanese and Australian Series to rFactor 2.

Instead of focusing on complete seasons of each series, Mak Corp will be combining the most iconic cars from all series into one package.

The first beta of the mod is due to be released in Q1 2014 for rFactor 2, an Assetto Corsa version will follow once modding is possible on the new platform.

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    That looks amazing! Hopefully once the tools are available they will consider bringing it up to AC too :)

  • MAKCorp

    That’s the plan. :)

  • Anonymous

    The last bit of news for the year is pretty darn good I’ll have to say.

  • Professional Operator

    Mak Corp for the win!

  • Kris Baxter

    Not been a fan of Mak Corp up until now, but I think this might be a pack I would consider paying for.

  • MAKCorp

    Thankfully you won’t have to pay for it, it will be a free mod like all the rest of our mods. :)

  • Anonymous

    Who down voted this? Crazy!

  • Anonymous

    There’s already a relevant thread in the AC forums ;)

  • Anonymous

    Definitely looking forward to this, when it comes to AC at least ;)

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    A huge mod with many cars and somebody downvoted it because it will also be available for AC? There are three posters that I would be willing to put money on that one of them did it, but yeah, crazy.

  • jax

    it looks great guys! keep it up! cant wait for AC modding tools

  • speed1

    Hope you guys are near release, since i see the QA work you guys put out with other cars, i’m curious on this.

  • Kris Baxter


  • Kris Baxter

    Even better, sorry, mixed you guys up with United Racing Design. Too much drinking perhaps.

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