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Mak Corp Announces World Racing Simulation

Mak Corp has announced their World Racing Simulation title.

Aside from working on various mods for several platforms, Mak Corp is now also developing their own simulation title as World Racing Simulation has officially been announced.

Along with a first preview that shows theย The Formula Racing FR3-208 racing car, Mak has also announced that the new simulation will be making its public debut at theย ย PRI (Performance Racing Industry) Show in Orlando that kicks off on November 29.

Other than that, technical details and further info is yet to be revealed, the official website only consists of another teaser shot showing a vintage American muscle car.

  • Lachlan Salter

    looks good, the more the merrier!

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    Release date: Never

    • Chad Canning

      we have been working on this more then most the mods, lol

  • Petros Mak

    Just a note. World Racing Simulation was announced in 2006 on racesimcentral but we later decided to take a different approach to it as some of the veterans here may remember. Since then we have developed the physics engine with racing teams and another company which has joined in with MAK-Corp over the past years since 2006 and throughout the years of various technological features and the physics being developed, we have decided to begin the public version of the game as the private commercial version has been quite a success among our various team clients. This title is far more important to us then modding and due to that, we have spent more time on this then our mods. We feel the community will enjoy some of the features coming with this game and all that will be showcased with time.

    • Anonymous

      great news Petros! the haters will always hate it doesn’t matter what so keep doing your job as you want and I’m sure the title will be a big success!

    • Anonymous

      Hope it will be better than your English, Petros… (th”e”n our mods) and better than the html code of your site, which looks like written some 15 yrs ago. Anyway I enjoyed the MMG 2007 McLaren for rF and had gr8 experience with this, so thank you very much.

      • Andrew Male

        “had gr8 experience”? After complaining about his English?

      • F1Racer

        His punctuation was bad too but I wasn’t going to mention it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • David Greco

      Congrats on this. Wish you all the best of luck!

  • Anonymous

    is this ISI (rfactor) engine?

    • Petros Mak

      No its not the ISI engine.

      • Michael

        So mak corp created its own graphics and physics engine? that usually costs millions, where did you get your funding?

      • Anonymous

        Michael. take your ******** elsewhere. I don’t see you doing anything, you’re a leech like everyone else. Good on them for trying, at least they’re trying to do something that obviously you’re far too lazy to even think about. When are you and Danny tying the knot, cause I see you’re obviously his little *****.

        (Edited by moderator for bad language – watch the language !)

      • Anonymous

        Nice news, scrap the modding, and license the Assetto Corsa engine from Kunos Simulazioni ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Michael

    More hot air from mak modding. Zero mods for the last 5 years, yet about 50 announcements and now a ‘world racing simulation’, that apparently is already a private commercial game but the best they have to show us is one ambiguous screen shot? lol.

    Mak modding developed its own physics engine now did it? lol. More like just another ISI rf mod.

    If you already have a commercial version why do you need to develop a public version? Your going to design another gaming engine? and why can’t you show more than that screen shot?

    This nonsense will keep continuing as long as places like this keep taking mak corp seriously. Luckily with so many genuine quality sims coming out soon these days, nobody pays attention to these jokers anymore. Looking forward to the public debt in 4 days time.. LOL.

    • Petros Mak

      yes because people prefer to make free things then work to earn money. Where are the free things you have made for the community?

      • Michael

        Ye sure, why would you want to earn money when you can work for free? lol. Makes perfect sense.

      • Petros Mak

        You didn’t even understand what I meant. I was being sarcastic. People prefer to earn money then do things for free all the time. Our goal has always been to develop ourselves to become more commercial. Due to our commercial obligations our mods development has suffered yes, but our commercial obligations come first, above all free work. That may be hard for gamers like you to accept, but we have to earn a living. Free things cannot last forever. Look at all mod groups, at some point real life obligations get the better of a person and they have to quit modding. We decided to follow in Simbin’s approach and go from modding to commercial. If that yields less mods but gets us to developing the commercial products we are passionate about and helps us to sustain our lives, that’s more important to us. We have only so many people in the group to work on everything and we cannot neglect paid work to progress something that is free. I doubt you would go to work for your boss every day for free, so what makes you think my guys will mod for free forever?

      • Michael

        oh ok cool. So what kind of commerical products do you sell because I havent seen them anywhere, and no advertising, and where did you get the funding, the millions to design such products and gaming and physics engines, considering you were just a modding group?

      • Petros Mak

        That’s none of your business. Just like other developers don’t showcase that info, why do you think we will? We don’t even owe you an explanation let alone info on our deals and our partners.

      • Michael

        Other developers openly sell products or disclose their partnerships, so its not a secret. Simbin sold games, project cars have open investments, so what kind of funding do you have? You dont have to be specific, but just generally speaking its strange because money does not come out of thin air, and as you said yourself people do not work for nothing.

        Do you have any evidence your commercial products even exist? there is no mention of them of your website which is strange. Commercial products are advertised so they can be sold, to make money, can you post links you to your commercial products because there does not seem to be a single shred of evidence mak corp has any commercial products at all.

      • Petros Mak

        Here’s one of them.

        Working on private team simulators in most cases things can’t be shown, as well as our asset developments. Our clients have prohibited us from showing that we have made them which is very common in 3d studio’s, at least till the product is out in public but some clients enforce that indefinitely. Teamwest-tec was one of the sims we did which we had an agreement with them to show to public.

        The way we advertise our service is through our team clients who showcase their sims to more teams and contacts they know. We then get contacted by people who wish to be clients. Hence why we have had some teams and driver have sponsor logos on their cars and team websites. Hayden Paddon in the rally had MAK-Corp logos on the car and still has the logo on his partners section on his website

        Just because the public doesn’t see much doesn’t mean things are not happening in the back end. I hope this answers some of your doubts. Teams and drivers don’t put logo’s of mere mod groups on their cars for nothing.

      • Michael

        No your right they dont unless you pay them money. teamwest sim is just an rfactor mod. How much money did you pay Hayden to get your logo on his car to try and get some credibility?

      • F1Racer

        Well I did warn you.

      • F1Racer

        You’re trolling Michael. Stop it !

      • Michael

        Im asking him for evidence to back up his claims. Someone is trolling around here but it sure aint me. Pity the mod cant figure it out.

      • F1Racer

        Oh so you want to have a pop at me now ? Not smart.
        You ARE trolling and if you don’t stop, I`ll stop you.

        There are ways to ask things without the attitude.

  • Michael

    mak modding cant even release a mod on an existing gaming engine, in 5 years but you expect us to believe they have designed a commercial stand alone physics engine and game? LOL.

    • Skytrill

      Actually.. if this specific group didn’t release a single mod in five years it might ring you a bell that they have being working onto something else. You made to this moment seven posts on this very page and look kinda fed up about all this. What is your problem exactly? Why would they announce a game in a few days to turn it into thin air and then lose their name? It doesn’t make any sense.
      About the said game; the name look very much like World Racing Series by Piboso.


    Looking forward to it, but maybe get someone who knows how to make trees for tracks, cos those normals looks fab ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Petros Mak

      Hehe, a good eye there matey ๐Ÿ™‚ we have only standard scenery at the moment. We’re still developing some new scenery methods.

      • Lemming77

        Have you looked at this before? I always found modelling trees to be a nuisance, but using this I thought came in quite handy.

        Just make sure your engine’s able to render double sided polygons alright, and it’ll work like a dream. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michael2

    f1racer, good to see your still serving your master petros and stil taking it up the ass like like a good boy. So sad that you became a mod here just to defend and protect your idol petros mak. Surely you have something better to do with your sad life that be his dog? I guess not. So fucking stupid.

    Someone as stupid as you with ur ego is totally inapropriate for a mod.

  • Anonymous

    I saw this trend coming from miles away. Obviously simracing development is changing but I think this way is the best for both simracers and modders now devs. AC was the first to understand the importance of laser scanned tracks with licensed content. I hope Mak Corp will follow that path while I would love to see Reiza going the same route. There are thousands of obscured but great tracks world wide that would agree to have their tracks scanned at no cost and many series as well.

    • David Wright

      Surely iRacing was the first to understand the importance of laser scanned tracks with licensed content.

      • Anonymous

        was iRacing a modding team before their current sim?

      • Anonymous

        Neither as Kunos a mod team before AC, they developed nKP commercially. You’re so myopic and stubborn it’s a little sad.

      • Anonymous

        are you telling me the didn’t work on mods before creating Kunos Simulazioni?

      • Anonymous

        No, you asked if iRacing was a mod team before their current sim, as if Kunos was. Before their current sim (AC) they released netKar Pro and Ferrari Virtual Academy, both commercial products.

        Besides, the whole premise is weird. You’re saying Kunos should get credit for laser scanning and 100% licensed content, not because they did it first but because they used to do it differently? Or because they used to be amateurs? Sorry, I don’t follow. Seems the only logic behind such a claim is to avoid ever giving credit to iRacing, no matter how much they deserve it.

  • Diego Colafabio

    Good luck for your project ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Sam Sturino

    Great news Petros wishing you success in this new Venture!

  • Guy Moulton

    I can’t wait to see what this sim offers. This is the first I’ve heard of it and judging from past Mak Corp content in their mods this should be a good title. With any luck they will understand the glut of sims out there right now and keep this one a less expensive alternative. I don’t see another $40 sim being successful going up against ISI, Kunos and Simbin. The sim wars rage on!

  • Roger

    Great, nice to have another option for our simulation needs! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Any set target for a first release?

  • Derek Speare

    It’s great to see progress! I’d hope for perfect three screen support on par with iracing and LFS (and soon, AC) for a warp free visual experience across three screens. I also hope for unlimited (or new unlimited controller compatibility). These are critical matters for racing sims of today. I’m looking forward to more on this title!

  • Lemming77

    I’m looking forward to seeing this in action, as I enjoy the F1 ’07 mod for Race 07 a lot. Only problem I see is the acronym; it shares WRS with Piboso’s World Racing Series. That may get confusing.

    • Jack Hintz

      Um, if I remember correctly, World Racing Simulation was announced back in 2006 on racesimcentral. I remember that cause I was so bummed out when they decided to take a different approach with it, so I’m really glad that its coming back to public. People are not idiots, they can understand the difference between something called World Racing Simulation and something called World Racing Series. Just like we can tell the difference between Ford F150 and Ferrari F150th, or Holden Monaro and Chevrolet Monaro and Opel Monaro. People are not that dumb to not understand a different product.

      • Lemming77

        Er… Yeah? I’m not disputing that, I’m talking about when people shorten it down to a small acronym. Like they do when they say AC, rF2, R07, etc. and that’s where I think the confusion will come in.

      • Jack Hintz

        Yeah I get what you mean. I guess PiBoSo should have realised that before releasing his game or at least done some studies around the web to find out if there was any other title being done that his would conflict with. Not dishing on PiBoSo so don’t take it that way, I am looking forward to both titles, I’ve just known about the MAK-Corp one longer then the PiBoSo one.

  • david lee

    What gaming engine is it? You designed a new gaming engine??

    • F1Racer

      It may not be the ISI one, but there are more than one in the world, so I’m guessing they are using a different gaming engine. Designing a gaming engine wouldn’t be a realistic option.

  • PetrolheadDen

    Congratulations guys and best of luck.

  • Dave Hodsoll

    so any more news on this now the PRI show is over, I looked on the shows website but couldn’t see Mak-Corp, MMG or World Racing Simulation in the exhibitors list or any pictures showing the sim.

    There is no new info on the Mak-Corp facebook pages either

    • Petros Mak

      MAK-Corp was together with our game partner ChassisSim at Booth 5716
      Chassissim technologies. You can see it on the interactive map.

      • Dave Hodsoll

        I’d already been on their site, was hoping to see some more screens or even video of the sim in action