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Mak Classic Cars – New Development Update

Mak Corp has released an extensive new development update on their Mak Classic Cars mod.

Mak Corp has released an extensive new development update on their Mak Classic Cars mod that focuses on bringing the 1991 Group C cars to rFactor & rFactor 2 among other simulations.

Alongside the big status update, the team has released plenty of new previews that you can enjoy below, showing the Porsche 962C in two different liveries, including a close-up look at the under the hood details.

Hello fellow MAK-Corp members and supporters. We felt it was high time to make a new blog post and provide some details and previews on some of the work we’ve been doing. As many of you may know, we are working on the 1991 Group C cars for rFactor, rFactor 2, RACE07. We’ve been prioritizing rFactor and rFactor 2 as we have different in-game guys for the two games as this helps us develop both versions simultaneously.

The rFactor 2 version has been taking its fair share of time however, longer than we expected. There has been a number of things we’ve been learning over the period we’ve been working with rF2. Stephen (Liquid4653) has been working hard on a daily basis to learn every aspect of rF2 and has been making some very good headway with it. Having learned the full in-game process as well as the driver animation process we are getting to the point where the mod is coming to fruition. Let’s not kid ourselves however, there are still things we need to do and learn. One of the main issues we’ve been having with rF2 is the differences between Dev mode and Single player mode. Parts that look fine in one, don’t look fine in the other, and this causes a bit of a problem during the development process to work out bugs, find an overall acceptable balance and getting the right results.

We do however have to thank Ales from UnitedRacingDesign who has been a major force in helping us get these Group C cars in game and finalized for released. Without his help we would not have been able to make as much progress as we have, nor would we have learned as much on rF2 as we now know. The Mazda 787B is with Ales at the moment as it is being finalized for the open beta release.

The Sauber Mercedes C11 is now in rF2 thanks to ADUBZ who has taken the lessons learned from Ales and applied them to the Sauber. The car is looking nice in game albeit a few tweaks we want, but overall it is progressing well with ADUBZ putting in a good amount of time recently to get it done.

The Porsche 962C (pictured below) is now painted and ready to be put into the games. Of course there are still other liveries we want to make. I do also have to stress out that this version of the Porsche 962C is just one of four versions run in 1991. We will be building not only the one pictured below, but also the version with the longer rear wing and diffuser which is a more popular version. Initially we had not planned to make that version but after discussing it with the guys we felt it was important we provided both versions for the community to enjoy.

Below are some screens of the Rothmans and Repsol liveries painted onto the version of the Porsche 962C we have built. The Porsche 962C was modeled by MAK-Corp Lead 3D Artist Dmitriy Barishev and was mapped and painted by MAK-Corp’s 2D Artist Juandi Sanchez. We hope you enjoy the previews.

In other news, our RACE07 modders (who do not mod rF1/2) have just about finished another mod release for the platform. We won’t give out just yet what it is but all you RACE07 fans can expect another mod sometime this month. We also want to let our RACE07 players know that we will also be making an update to the F107 mod for RACE07 that will fix several known issues and provide some more features previously not included in the initial release. We feel that it is only fair we keep our RACE07 mods as updated as we would our rF mods.

Some of you have been contacting us via our support site asking if we will be modding Assetto Corsa as many of you have hinted that you would like to see some of our cars like the Group C cars within the game. Right now an answer cannot be given to this question. We have to wait for AC to be released along with its modding tools. Once this occurs we will evaluate and analyze the game and its modding capabilities and tools to see if it is possible to mod it without many headaches. As modders and developers, we have to learn the methods used by each game developer and the requirements their game has. This does take time as we’ve seen with rF2, but what I can say is that we are interested in modding AC and if it comes out with the flexibility of being modded to a logical sense of ease, then we will definitely work on getting our cars into it.

Our other cars we have shown in the past such as the Lamborghini Miura and the american muscle cars are all ready to be put in game. Unfortunately we only have a few in-game guys and this keeps a lot of our cars in the waiting list to be added while we work on the more important ones getting into the game and released. We therefore extend an invitation to any modders be it modelers, painters, in-game guru’s, physic coders, engine sound composers etc who are interested to help not only develop new content, but help us get our current content out quicker to contact us about joining. We can always use the extra hands to help get these mods out sooner. We employ a family orientated atmosphere where we all help and support each other, if this is the type of team atmosphere you strive for, then why not give us a shot?

I think I’ll leave this blog post here for now. The team is working hard on getting all these mods done. Expect the next blog spot to provide some more details on other mods such as the F1 2008 mod progress and more. We thank you for tuning in and hope you enjoy the mods to come.

Mak Corp has high-flying plans for their classic cars mod as versions for rFactor, rFactor 2, RACE07, Assetto Corsa and GTR3 are planned.

  • Anonymous

    Looks great.. looking forward to race it.
    Rear suspension springs looks like they are maybe a bit thin and not enough coil windings.

    • Petros Mak

      Hey richard, nice notice. Because we have a limited amount of poly we are using to keep it FPS friendly, we model areas like the springs in less quality as they are rarely see. If you think about it, when are you going to see the engine cover off the car? only when you’ve completely totaled it. We emphasize higher poly and quality in the areas that will be seen more by the player and leave areas that are unseen so often or so vividly a bit lower quality. Its the unfortunate position of having limitations but we do what we can. In any case, we hope you still enjoy it! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Offcourse i will enjoy it!
        Sound like a very valid reason.
        I’m a bit of a succer for details..
        On a otherwise flawless model that was the only thing that catched my eye…

      • Anonymous

        Petros some1 told me when i learn modeling to go 30,000 polys outside and 9,000 inside is this about right ?

      • Petros Mak

        Coops. I wouldn’t count polygon, but rather triangles. If you are using 3DS Max, you can do this by clicking on the + symbol on the top left of your viewport and then selecting configure. A window will come up and you need to select the statistics tab. In that section make sure you have triangles selected as well, you should also select “Total+Selection” in that screen. This allows you to view the total triangle count of the model including the count for the part you have selected/are working on.

        50,000 Triangles is what I’d say you should use for the exterior. This includes, exterior body, rims, tires, brakes, brake discs, engine bay (top half of engine if you wish to include a damage model), and low poly interior which should be about 3-5k but it can vary on the car. The main thing is to focus on parts that can be seen like the dash and seats (not driver seat since driver body obscures that). We also don’t count driver body in that tri count.

        You then have a 30,000 triangle HD interior as a separate model but in the same scene, you group them. In rF2 since the car is joint as one model, you can attach the HD interior and detach the LD interior for rF2, but its still best to model them separately because at the moment rF2 is the only game out and coming out which forces highest LOD model on track. Even AC has stated that they use separate model for HD interior, which is how it was done in rF1.

        These amounts may seem high but pCARS and AC use these counts, and then you will no doubt make LODs to cover different distances in the game. LODs help with keeping the car FPS friendly.

        I also recommend using chamfer, it saves a lot of poly. The other note is that you do need to model the insides of breakable parts. So if your vehicle’s front bumper can break off, you need to model the inside of it too (using lesser poly on the inside). If you don’t do this, when the bumper breaks off in game, the inside will be see through.

        Ultimately you also need someone nice enough to review your work and give you tips and advice. We’d be more than happy to provide that for you if you wish. I’m not saying we know it all, but we can provide knowledge we do have which may help you better. We’re always happy to help artists and modders advance their knowledge in areas they don’t know, and likewise, we’re always willing to learn methods we don’t know that others are willing to share. 🙂

      • Petros Mak

        Bear in mind that different cars will require different methods in various areas. But for typical road cars and most standard methods are as I wrote in my above comment.

      • Anonymous

        F1Racer has a point. Conclusion is; if you want to know about the meshdensity of a model, triangle count is the only valuable reference.

      • F1Racer

        Tri’s are still polygons 🙂

      • Petros Mak

        Not exactly. You always end up with more tri’s than you do polygon. Especially when you use quad modeling method and then have to use triangles in various areas, you will end up with more tri count than polygon. An 80k tri model can end up being 60k polygon. In conventional modeling it is said that 1 polygon = 2 tri’s, as it takes two triangles to make one quad/polygon. But that’s not how you always count it as parts of the model will force you to use one or the other and this throws the count out of proportion. In addition, while you model with as many quads as possible to have a cleaner workable model, game engines still read them as tri’s when they get converted into the game format. This is because game engines read triangles far easier and faster than quads. So by maintaining a tri count, you always stay within limitations. If you ask pCARS or AC about their cars, they will give you the tri count, not the poly count, as they did in their forums. It sounds tricky when you first hear about it but its really not an issue, its quite easy once you get used to working in those budgets. 🙂

      • F1Racer

        Trust me, quads and tri’s are both polygons. A quad is a four sided polygon and a triangle is a three sided polygon.
        A polygon is simply a closed plane figure having 3 or more sides.
        So… 30,000 triangles on a model is 30,000 polygons.
        30,000 quads on a model is 30,000 polygons.
        A model consisting of 20,000 triangles and 30,000 quads has 50,000 polygons.

      • Tomasz Zabłocki

        I’m certainly not an experienced 3d modeler, but I have my share of direct3d and opengl development on record. I’m pretty sure that a model consisting of 20,000 triangles and 30,000 quads will actually turn out as 80,000 polygons total. At least from a final rendering pipeline perspective. I still may be wrong though.

      • F1Racer

        Only if the quads are converted to triangles will you make 80,000.

        But for sure 1 quad = 1 poly. If it gets converted to 2 triangles then you have 2 polys

        1 triangle also = 1 poly.

        You just have to look up the term ‘polygon’ to understand this.
        The term polygon does not determine how many sides the plane has. As long as it is a closed plane. You can have an 8-sided polygon, 64 sided polygon. It will still be 1 polygon. If you convert these to triangles then you will have created many more polygons from the original planar polygon.

      • Tomasz Zabłocki

        I was referring to the specifics of rendering hardware, which – as far as I know – renders all geometry as triangles. Quads are always rendered as two triangles sharing parallel plane etc. That was the case not so far ago, something might have changed recently but I doubt it to be honest.

      • F1Racer

        Regardless of that, what I said before still stands. All triangles are polygons but not all polygons are triangles.

  • Joe Grover

    “Rear suspension springs looks like they are maybe a bit thin and not enough coil windings”. LOL

    Yeah, I saw that and decided I’m not even going to bother with the Mod. *sarcasm*
    This looks freaking amazing. I can’t WAIT to drive these!

  • David

    Oh look another render and blog post full of hot air. Business as usual for these clowns. And as usual scabbing for more ‘help’, basically for more suckers to join the train of suckers. I’m sure you will get some as usual.

    • D3

      Wow, quite the fun guy at the party, aren’t you?

      How dare they let readers know they are open for people to help out with their work and get things done. Shame on them.

      • David

        lol dont you wonder why such an apparent large and professional ‘corporation’ is always scabbing around for people to help them? because they are all clueless, and don’t know how to do anything. Keep waiting forever for them to create this mod or anything. God damn muppets.

  • kenpat .

    Damn, I’ve drooled all over my keyboard.

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    Cars look good but I cant remember ever seeing a Factory Porsche with a remote rear wing, afaik all the Rothmans Porsches ran with the wing connected to the tail via large end plates

    • Petros Mak

      Indeed. We are making that version also. Initially we were not going to as we only had good references on this one. But having spoken to the team in the last days we announced at ISI forums that we would be making the longer wing version too to cover the factory teams. We’ve found four different versions used in 1991 but we feel the one we made and the long wing version will be more than sufficient for everyone’s enjoyment. 🙂

      • David

        Yes im sure your making that version, and every other version of every other car in existence. ETA 2150.

  • Markus Ott

    After stopping the Porsche Cup mod of the Enduracers I wonder if Porsche will react on this one, too.

    • Anonymous

      I think a big part of that was Endu’s mod was conflicting with a project trying to make the light of day in Automaniax and one of Porsche’s execs being directly involved. I think there might be a lot less conflict of interest here and now so maybe Mak will be okay to release this to us?

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Mak! Looks very nice.

  • Professional Operator

    Now in all this epic emo rage comunity, we can still find DIAMONDS like this.
    The world is not so bad sometimes.

    Thank you Mak Corp and Team. I know a “thank you” is not enough, but I’m sort of speachless now.

    Good Luck!

    • Anonymous

      Diamonds, lol.. I’d rather play a mod than look at endless screenshots but to each their own.

      • Professional Operator

        Obviously the hope is to play something when it’s ready. For the “what could have been drama” we already have Virtua LM 😉

      • Freddy Stapersma

        Kudos to Mak Corp making this car.
        Textures look awsome altho a PAG livery on a FromA car???? 😉

        @ Prof, While you think it is a drama we’ll play and work GTPC it a little bit more 😉

      • Professional Operator

        I don’t know if you are a VirtuaLM member but if you are, let my reply like this:

        It’s been 7 years you are tweaking and playing it a little bit more. That’s your problem.

      • Freddy Stapersma

        Yes I am VLM SR member helping out the JR team.
        If you know the story you will be happy it gets release after all.
        How many mods are started but never finished? This will get finished even if I need to do it all alone.

        If you want you can contact me on facebook I’ll try to tell more. you can find me under the same name.;)

  • Alexandre Sene

    Nice news! I hope the physics will be as good as 3d model.

  • akamatsu

    Nice cars! Would like to know if the mod will have Spice C1, cause this is a great car but seems to be forgotten in history…

    • Petros Mak

      It hasn’t been planned no, but might have to look into it for a future car to make. 🙂

  • Ozan Ülkügil

    where is the MMG 2008 ?

    • Petros Mak

      MMG 2008 is more than likely going to be released on rF1 and RACE07 before rF2. There are various issues with rF2 accepting F1 2008 due to various mapping layouts. We are looking at the best way to fix this but it seems that it may take a bit longer. We’ll keep you all posted through our dev blog.