MAK Classic Cars Mod – More 787B In-Game Previews

Mak Corp has released plenty of previews of the Mazda 787B in rFactor 2, part of their Mak Classic Cars Mod.

The previews show off the closed beta of the car as the team prepares for the open beta release with minor tasks such as physics improvements still to be completed.

Part of the Classic Cars mod for rFactor 2, the car has been put into the game with the help of Ales Ogrinc and UnitedRacingDesigns.

The 787B is one of the most famous Le Mans cars of all time, being the first rotary-powered as well as the first and only Japanese car to win the event in 1991, driven by Johnny Herbert, Volker Weidler & Bertrand Gachot.

Mak Corp has high-flying plans for their classic cars mod as versions for rFactor, rFactor 2, RACE07 and Assetto Corsa are planned.

  • Paul Todd

    This is sim racing porn!

    • Pvt Stash

      Lol, fresh underwear all round? This should be fun, I can see many dark laps of Le Mans coming up.

      • Ash (ADUBZ)

        Glad you guys like the work we are doing 🙂

  • Joe Grover

    Oh… My… GOD!!! I can hardly wait for this one!

  • enough

    Enough previews and release something MAK.

  • Roger

    Looks awesome! Cant wait to try this out!

  • Kenny Jay

    This is really good work and also a great collaboration between Modding-Groups. Props for the hole project!

  • Jonathon P Selley

    Nice to see some love for the work Mak Corp are doing. This will shape up to be a very nice mod as what I’ve tested so far has been pretty good 😀

  • Diego Colafabio

    This is one of the sexiest racing cars ever built.

  • Chris Wright

    The combo of this and the Virtua LM Le Mans conversion should have every sim racer salivating at the prospect.

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