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Major New Update & Formula Truck DLC For Automobilista Out Now

Reiza Studios have released a major new update for their Automobilista title, introducing new content items and plenty of improvements to the simulation.

Reiza Studios have released a major new update for their Automobilista title, introducing new content items and plenty of improvements to the simulation.

Version 1.20 adds more loose surface racing content as the Formula Dirt Series joins the title, including the matching Ascurra Dirt Track.

The new version release also adds the Formula Truck DLC pack that adds the powerful Brazilian race trucks from Reiza’s Formula Truck title to Automobilista. While owners of Formula Truck or the Season Pass will get the mighty trucks for free, everyone else can purchase the DLC pack for 5.99€ here.

While the trucks coming with the current release are from the 2013 season, Reiza’s already working on bringing the current Formula Truck season to the title as well. Furthermore, the simulation now also includes the truck’s unique “speed trap” rule, as explained below.




Modified & incremented Caterham series structure & associated customizations – now includes 270R Road, Academy (previously 270R), Supersport, 360R Road, Superlight Standard, Superlight Sequential (previously 360R), 620R Road (previously 620R) (AVAILABLE ONLY FOR OWNERS OF BRIT PACK AND / OR SEASON PASS)
Added Formula Dirt Series


Added Ascurra Dirt Track
Added Extra custom Formula Truck track layouts

Features & Fixes

Fixed bug causing AI cars to take on full fuel tanks in timed races rather than properly estimating the right amount
Added a function to prevent AI cars from taking fuel in pitstops when the series does not allow refueling
Adjusted points system for F3, Super V8, Boxer Cup, Supertruck, F-Trainer series
Added option to customize number of warnings (range 0-100) for track limit violations before penalty is triggered (options both in-game & Dedi tool)
Added support for Formula Truck Speed Trap rules (switch on and off from rules menu)
Tripled range for in-car seat adjustment
Fixed bug which could cause disappearing UI elements in Multiplayer screen
Disabled option to turn Hardware plugins on/off from in-game
Further adjustments to AI to reduce their aggression & improve awareness in close racing conditions
Tweaked chassis ground scraping sound in Formula cars
New samples & code developments for several sound effects – traction control, tire rolling/scrubbing/skidding, wind & chassis floor scraping
Fixed issues with sound effect from hitting suspension bump stops
Adjustments to session UI & showroom to better suit F-Trucks
Globally reduced tolerance for rev mismatch in manual gear shifts (should allow less clutchless shifts in manual boxes)
Adjusted drag coefficients from various aero elements in formula cars
F-V12: Slightly revised internal engine sounds
F-3: Added configuration option for LCD and steering wheel type/ Fixed mirrors light exposure; adjusted mirror position; Added rev lights on steering wheel & mirrors for Tcam view; Adjusted fuel consumption
Opala: Revised starter & external engine sounds
Boxer Cup: Adjusted tire physics
F-V10: Slightly improved AI performance
Ultima GTR: Adjusted rear damper rates & AI performance for road versions
Stock V8: Slightly tweaked tire lateral/longitudinal force combining
Montana: Slightly tweaked tire lateral/longitudinal force combining
Caterham: AI performance callibration; adjusted fuel consumption
Metalmoro: AI performance calibration
SuperV8: tire material correction
Lancer Rallycross: Added new Russia Team skin; Adjusted AI performance
Karting: Adjusted kart tires & AI performance
F-Vintage: fixed wheel collision detection; Adjusted front tire load sensitivity

OBS 1: Brief explanation of Formula Truck Speed Trap rule: every Formula Truck layout has a Speed Trap in a section of the track (usually the fastest, its location being indicated by the icon on its track map, by the flashing icon on top left corner as you approach it while driving, and by a line of cones trackside) through which drivers are supposed to cross going no faster than 160 km/h. Exceeding 160 km/h through the Speed Trap will result in the lap being invalidated in practice/qual, or an instant drive-through penalty in races. Players may opt to switch the rule off from the Rules menu.

OBS 2: Formula Trucks chop off their 1st gear so it skips straight to 2nd; if you are using an H-Shifter you start from 2nd, which is also very short. Typically on track, you´ll only use 3rd-6th.

OBS 3: F-Truck diesel smoke from the exhaust is still being worked on and has not been implemented in this build

OBS 4: For those who are used to running short times races, you may have to adjust your AI settings as with fuel estimation fix they will be appropriately competitive now – consistent in fact with their practice / qualify performance, as they were in lap-based races.

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