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Mainz-Finthen 1.0 – Released

Mainz-Finthen 1.0 – Released

Com8 has released his scratch-made Mainz-Finthen track for rFactor, bringing the former DTM airfield-venue to the simulation.

The temporary 2.25 kilometer race track comes with lots of surrounding details and animated objects, it’s available both as dry and wet version.


– real racing line, getting off it means griploss and dusty trackparts
– 3D garage/pitspots
– anti-cutting-measures
– 1989 style environment, adboards and cameraset just like it was back then
– modeled bumps (mixed with some fake ones)
– lots of moving and animated stuff
– moveable tirestacks (only the iner ones in the corners)
– race signals via flagmarshalls (no lights!)
– textures from real photography

Located near the German city of Mainz, the former US Army Airfield was used as a DTM venue from 1984 until 1990. Initially released for rFactor, the track will also be making its way to GTR2 and GTR Evolution in the future.

Download Mainz-Finthen 1.0 Installer Version Here

Download Mainz-Finthen 1.0 Archive Version Here

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