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Mad Catz Xbox One Wheel – First Video

IGN has released a first video of Mad Catz’ new steering wheel for Xbox One.

IGN has released a first video of Mad Catz’ new steering wheel for Xbox One.

As many of you remember, Mad Catz replaced Fanatec as Xbox One FFB wheel partner and while their wheel looks solid at first glance, the presentation video is very reaussing that this is a wheel even for semi-serious sim racers.

Aside from the somewhat odd fact that the wheel is being operated while standing up, the fact that it is taped (!) to the table cloth (!!) gives us a broad idea about the force feedback powers at work and according to a hands-on review, the FFB effects are being described as “very light” indeed.

The Mad Catz Xbox One wheel will retail for $399.

  • Alexandre Martini

    what a steal.

  • 3dnooblet .

    lol, even their own madcatz rep couldnt keep the car straight from the apparent massive deadzone.

  • Matt Orr

    I’m not going to lie, I’d like that rim on my CSW, only in a larger size. :/

    • Anonymous

      Fanatec support treats it’s respectable customers like family. Mad Catz treats it’s customers like numbers similar to the ones issued at penal colonies.

  • Alan Dallas

    Hmmm… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! OK now that I got that out of my system.
    No Thanks.

  • Chris

    A. I would never buy a product with the name Cat in it (unless spelled out so it doesn’t spell Cat, like Caterpillar).
    B. Their products have always been entry level (if that), so they have a massive hill to climb to gain respectability outside of the 9 year olds they appeal to.

    • blastx

      Mad Catz itself sounds like a stupid gangsta gang name for 8 years old or something lmao.

  • Chris

    Oh wow it has drilled pedals and a quick release steering wheel, I’m sold. Not.

  • Christer Larsson

    The guy at the wheel really had problem just keeping the car in a straight line 😛

    • John Karagiannis

      He did not follow the proper table calibration routine! Huge dead zone there.

  • John Karagiannis

    Demonstration video? Really? What were they thinking?

    • Ioannis

      I watched the video 3 times so far, the cloth, the duct tape, that guy, the price! it’s hilarious!

      • John Karagiannis

        Wow! Look how strong this table really is. Takes dining experience to a whole new level! Cook ‘n’ Drive.

  • Marcus Reynolds

    You would think they might throw a cheap frame at it and some bolts to hold it down whilst demonstrating their prized product wouldn’t you ?

  • Jos

    does that price include the table cloth? 😉

  • Professional Operator

    this is a scam for the price they ask

  • Anonymous

    Well ……. MS forces Xbone owners to buy new equipment for their Next-gen-console. So this is the Next-Gen-equipment then to bring FFB to a new level? Ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      I have the Thrustmaster TX and it has fantastic FFB, better than my T500RS and CSR Elite, so not all the new wheels are crap. But this offering does look woeful

    • Anonymous

      What you have is the worst console launch in 15+ years. All the excitement is in the PC space with Valve’s hardware, VR SDK coming out, Steam OS, Oculus Rift, various 1:1 motion tracking devices, etc.

      People don’t really care much about the Xbox One and, amidst all this, Microsoft has screwed themselves by not making anything backwards compatible making adoption that much harder.

      PC gaming is enjoying a massive resurgence.

      • Anonymous

        Yes. I agree. This “we can’t make it downward compatible because of the huge improvements”-thing is just marketing BS from MS to sell new (but not better) hardware.

      • traind

        Agree that the lack of backward compatible wheels was a dumb move by Microsoft. And actually, they should have just used pc based tech and opened up to all wheels.

        On another front, Valve’s hardware is getting poor looks at CES. No one seems to be able to say why you would buy a steambox vs. a regular pc (which will play the same titles Steam OS will plus thousands more) or a console like ps4 or xbox one. And early reviews of the Steam controller have been a very mixed bag as well. It may amount to something in the end but most predictions right now are that Valve won’t make much of a dent in the hardware biz for at least the next 2-3 years. We’ll see.

      • Anonymous

        Keep in mind that the Steam controller is meant to replace a mouse and keyboard for when you want to relax. It’s not designed to replace a regular controller. All will work anyway.

  • Traumahound

    How is this company still around? Most casual arcade racers I ever talked to stuck with joypad controllers, and MC’s tiny radius, no-ffb wheels have always just been laughed at by simmers. The only theory I have is that the company has changed ownership several times, trying to find some direction.
    Where is the DFGT rival? Especially that Forza players are begging for? THAT seems to be a more understandable, attainable marketshare product. Xbox One users WILL buy a decent wheel, even with MadCatz on it, but not something with such poorly, sloppily presented value at the wrong price point.
    Back to the boardroom, MadCatz.

    • Mark Quigley

      “no-ffb wheels have always just been laughed at by simmers”

      ECCI ?

      Hardly a promising demonstration of their new product, looks all a bit rushed tbh.
      Remember you can sell a brilliant product badly.
      The price makes my tight, tartan clad Scottish sphincter twitch. Real car money, abet one that might kill you tho 😀

      • Traumahound

        ECCI makes/made no-ffb wheels? That seems surprising, given their level of design. Amazing work they do, in any case.

      • Mark Quigley

        I’m sure early versions were fluid damped.
        The Mrt-5 in LFS feels good on a spring ms sidewinder.

      • Matt Orr

        Yep, as well as TSW. Heck, TSW in particular was the one you wanted in the Papyrus days. More or less like the Simsteering wheel today.

    • Harry Tulloch

      its because they own tritton and that the only thing keeping them afloat

      • Traumahound

        Thanks, Harry. That would help keep some funds coming. I’m sure they ARE moving a certain number of cheapo wheels to those who just want to try what they perceive to be slightly more dedicated to driving, but can’t imagine investing triple digits on a wheel. (Again, the Driving Force GT).

  • Bjorn_G


    • Roger Wallentin

      The video is funny because:
      1. Wheel is taped to a tablecloth (worst install ever)

      2. The guy driving is from Mad Catz demonstrating the wheel and he cant keep the car on the track in a stright line

      The actual wheel looks pretty good IMO, could have been larger diameter but otherwise really nice. Pedals not so sure…

  • Jim. C

    A case study in how not to market a wheel with ‘high-end’ aspirations (and price tag). I love how the sales rep is tentatively prodding the pedals while standing up, and how the wheel lurches forward due to the poor (table cloth) mount.

  • Vedster

    Thats crazy man, how could any company allow themselves such a fail.
    If i was Managing director, or owner, i would make sure some heads roll tomorrow at the meeting. What a fail, its embarrassing lol

    • Realkman666

      It’s like a new Xbone reveal on a smaller scale.

  • Big Tex

    Their Vice president of Sales has been demoted to the new Vice President of Fails!

  • Harry Tulloch

    There gonna sell 0 thrustmaster u have won this battle of wheels for xbox one

  • Harry Tulloch

    Would xbox please just get logitec on board

  • Anonymous

    That looks so fake. I bet it wasn’t even powered. It looks like the guy is concentrating more on wiggling it around to make it look powerful than staying on track. If my T500RS had a housing that shape, and was taped to a tablecloth, when I hit a wall or lifted it off the table, it would over-torque and spaghetti-noodle that table cloth, wrap it right up. This is preposterous!

  • Marcel

    399$? I buy that for sure! Look how good it holds even on table cloth, best tape ever and totally worth the money.

    • Realkman666

      I’m sorry to tell you, but you have to buy the tape separately. :/

      • Harry Tulloch

        Also the cloth is extra

    • rauf00

      made my day, thank You sir!

  • blastx

    Console pile of s***. Whenever i hear about Mad Catz i know there’s a console garbage product lol!

  • Anonymous

    I have had products from this company which is Saitek with a new name. Which Saitek wheels were good cheap bungy wheels. My Saitek KB was a POS and Customer Product Support is designed not to work with how their policies are written

  • Paul Thompson

    It is a shame given this golden opportunity to change how they think (Microsoft) and allow the XboxOne to support other marketed wheels as do other consoles and P.C’s, well basically Microsoft blew it. I suspect the wheel produced by Mad Catz will actually turn out to be rather good (once bolted down). But it does have a certain “borrowed” look about it.

    • Anonymous

      I would not recommend products from this company!!!!!

  • Tom Coombs

    Just to further put the point across on Madcatz quality: I have an X52 and an X52 Pro. The X52 was built when Saitek were still their own business, and the Pro when Madcatz took ownership. The X52 pro feels cheaper in build quality, the buttons in particular do not have the same good feel.

  • GamerMuscle

    Who doesn’t sellotape there wheel to the table ?

  • Bjorn Thorsen

    Too noisy & too weak force feedback. Is it broken? My wheel does make quite a noise when playing, and what’s more, the force feedback delivers poor sensations!